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  1. I have been asked to act as a guarantor for my niece which is not a problem. My issue is with some of the content of the TA. It says if the landlord or his representative comes out to let the student into the property for any reason, there's a charge of £100 and the locks need to be replaced the student bears the full cost as well as an administration fee of £25. I think this is excessive. If anyone lets to students please let me know if this is normal practice. Many thanks, Sophia
  2. Are you saying he is renting his own btl? Is that even legal? I would clarify thing before completing.
  3. Hi, Am sure you'll get lots of advice here. I suggest you spend sometime gaining knowledge and education first . You can start with the podcasts on this platform. You will the be in a better position to make the right decision for yourself. Sophia
  4. Hi, You didn't say which area. Shouldn't you be looking at both yield and capital? After all a property may not offer great yield but trumps on capital if you are keeping it long term. This applies mainly in London and the south east though.
  5. Hi Charlie, It all sounds good on paper however I don't think you can rent the flat back to yourself if you own the company. Also in getting a mortgage, the lenders will look at your finances.A lot of lenders try to make directors liable for the company mortgage. I'd advice that you speak to both a broker and a solicitor before you sell your flat.
  6. Hi David, My advice is to listen to the podcasts, do some networking and even attend some free seminars, Time consuming but it is researching and you can then choose which masterclass you want to join. Try not to be drawn into their sale pitches. Go to a few before deciding.#, what suits someone else might not suit you. I hope it helps. Good luck Sophia
  7. When a tenant passes away during a tenancy how much time do you give the family to clear their belongings?
  8. Hello Dan, Good luck with your first purchase. My advice would be to have some money available for the fees. Some solicitors will agree to get their fees at the end but you might pay something in advance for the process. Have a conversation with them to find out when they expect payment. I hope this helps. Sophia
  9. Hello hubbers, I need your thoughts. I am buying a BTL through a ltd company with a director's loan as deposit. Do I need to set/state an interest value for the loan? The lenders asked and I wasn't sure what to say as I hadn't thought about it. I was going to retrieve my money back after remortgage further down the line. What do you think? Sophia
  10. Hi, need some help. I have a BTL in my name and looking to buy another property in a ltd company. Will it still attract the extra 3% stamp duty? Many thanks in advance. Sophia
  11. speak to a broker or financial adviser. They will know how best to help you.
  12. Hi Challis/ Jonathan, thanks for the recommendations. I had one of those dehumidifiers but the tenants tampered with it so now it doesn't work. I suspect this time round the tenant has been away a lot and turned off the heating resulting in the mould. I am looking to increase heating but how would I insulate solid walls? Many thanks Sophia
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