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    Nantwich, Cheshire
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    3 bed terraced houses with 2 reception rooms with 20%+ BMV. Also considering commercial/retail premises with flats above.
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    Full scale renovation projects with minor building works.
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    To increase our property portfolio in the short term to grow our passive income. Set-up and establish a niche lettings agency. To write my first ebook and help others to invest in property.
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    Running, squash, golf
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    Spending even more time on my business! - I enjoy it too much

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  1. Thank you Simon for your response. I think it would certainly be worth me telling you more about this property and the extent of the renovations that have been done purposely for the professional HMO market.
  2. Hi Richard, yes it certainly sounds like it would be beneficial for me to speak with a specialist Commercial Finance broker that can help with this. Your HMO re-finance sounds very impressive, although it sounds like your 'studios' may differ to the house share renovation we have.
  3. We recently had a similar situation with an annual land rent charge that we hadn't paid on time, for one of our apartments (leasehold). This was due to the invoice and reminder being sent to our old address, where it appears we unfortunately failed to update the payee. The next action they took to issue was to issue a reminder letter to the apartment, addressed to us the landlord, and where the tenant didn't inform us! Had they tried emailing or calling us they we can could of saved everyone work. Anyway, on this occasion we felt that paying the interest charges was the correct thing to do
  4. Thank you Graham and hi! . I'm just getting familiar with the property hub website, and to think a couple of days ago I didn't even know it existed ! I love podcasts and they're great to - so I can see me spending a lot of time on here and look forward to making new connections. What are you up to right now in the world of property?
  5. We have a property that is performing particularly well from a yield and cashflow point of view and would be interest to know if there are any lenders in the market place that will lend based on a gearing based on the cashflow from the investment, and not just the bricks and mortar? We bought the property for £90k and spent less than £10k on rennovations and have recently secured £1900 pm on 6 month AST's from 5 individuals (bills included).
  6. Our experience with Student HMO's is very similar to Johann's, although we tend to carryout the bulk of the viewings and sign up students in the New Year. In our experience, unless you've got forward thinking students in the Autumn (which would be ideal btw!) you then get closer to christmas and it tends to be the last thing students think about. We've also done the whole conceptual sell with them too, with properties under renovation. We've then supported this with viewings of our other properties, to gain the trust and confidence in our deliverables. We do take a lot of pride in our student
  7. We have been investing in the student property market and our properties consist of 3 or 4 bedroom Victorian terraced houses that have 2 reception rooms, and so provide 4 or 5 bedrooms. During the past few years we have faced some challenges though - 'Tuition fees' came into play, which resulted in less students for 1 year. Then due to an oversupply of 'halls of residence' accommodation, we were faced very competitively priced en-suited rooms that were a stones through from the classrooms! . However, we knuckled down and found a way to diversify. As a result we ended up with a more mixed p
  8. I have been investing in property on a part-time basis for the past 15 years, and in the last 3 years I have dedicated even more time to this, whilst also starting a family and being the proud parents of two girls! I've been a self-employed IT Consultant since the age of 21 and have been involved in various startup's that include a software business, fashion retail business, a GPS tracking business and a healthcare consultancy. However, I have come to realise that my real passion and successes is in property investments and management (although if I could combine this in the future with
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