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  1. Does anyone have any data about how many property investors there are in UK? Thanks, David
  2. I'm not specifically referring to Samuel or even to property specifically but just courses in general. I think courses (and other paid for material) in anything can provide value in 2 main ways: 1. Curation of information. Sure, there's a lot of information out there in how to do anything... You can Google or YouTube anything. But there is value in someone sitting down and curating that information and presenting it in a logical flow with an increasing level of complexity. Whether you want to invest in property or learn how to code you can go on YouTube but you are likely to be a bit
  3. I suggest you might want to provide some more info so readers can assess whether they are interested or not. For example What's your current status and what kind of partner are you looking for? Are you cash rich, time poor looking for somebody to give money to and they do the work, giving you a hassle free investment? Or vice versa, are you hoping for investment and you do the work? What kind of areas and types of property are you interested in? It might be worth actually identifying a property you want to join up with someone on, then try to find a partner when you have specifi
  4. Hi folks, Common figures seem to be £2k up to £5k but it really depends on how much the sourcer does. Goliath Sourcing Academy cover this in a good podcast episode 27, you might be interested in checking it out. Hope this helps, David.
  5. Hi Janelle, You might be interested to check out www.property-connect.co.uk When it launches in December you will be able to search for all sourcers in your chosen areas. Regards, David.
  6. Hey Jakob, Good luck in your exciting new venture. You might be interested to check out www.property-connect.co.uk which will allow you to connect to a network of investors. It will allow you to search in your chosen area and search according to your chosen strategy / strategies (eg rent to rent or buy to let or flip etc). This will show investors who are looking for exactly that kind of deal so you can either contact them about sourcing to order or contact them once you have a deal. It's still in development but launches in December and will be a big help to you, especially whe
  7. £12.5k was refurb, stamp and fees. There would also have been a £17k deposit. So approx £3k per year out of £30k is 10% but that's before tax. With the stock market and a stocks and shares ISA the growth is tax free. Hence the debate, I think Dan is wondering why property and not stocks. Stocks also compound more readily. You are correct about the leverage. The question is how long will it likely take for house prices to go up by 10% versus the stock market which averages 8-10% per year. In my mind once you refinance the house and pull the money back out, that's when your return is
  8. If it's genuinely bmv then absolutely. The first valuation, when getting the mortgage will be based on what you paid for it. Later you can remortgage, just don't get it valued by the same person because convincing them it is now worth 20k more than the last time they saw it will be difficult. Get it valued by somebody new and make sure it's in tip top shape to maximise your chances of getting the value you want. I must ask though, if no work needs done, why is it going for 20% bmv? It must be a very motivated seller. Are you sure about your estimated £100k value? Regards, David.
  9. No worries Dan. I wish you success. Probably not a topic for here but I'd enjoy a conversation with you about your stocks investments as I also invest in the markets. I'd enjoy a discussion about your chosen strategy, stocks Vs bonds, do you select your own stocks or employ an active manager or invest in passively managed index funds. Personally I'm the latter. As I say probably not relevant to this forum. Good luck, David www.property-connect.co.uk
  10. Hi Dan, The secret appears to be to find a really great deal which is either for sale below market value or to which you can add value. Because then you can buy at one price but remortgage on the actual value or new price. As you've paid a hefty sourcing fee, I'd hope you got a deal below market value. So for example, let's say although you paid £68k , maybe it's actually worth £80k. Therefore you can mortgage it based on the £80k value (75% mortgage would be £60k). So you can clear the original mortgage and still have some left over. That way you're getting some or all of your initial in
  11. Hi folks, The website www.property-connect.co.uk will hopefully help you when it launches in December. It will not only provide a list of sourcers for your area but will also make it clear how each sourcer is compliant. There will be a 5 star feedback and review section so that people can leave appropriate feedback for sourcers they have used. Clearly it will take time to build up the feedback but it should be useful in helping select which sourcer to work with. That said, it is and always will be essential to do your own due diligence. I hope that is of some help.
  12. If you really want to scale up quicker then you should focus on finding the right deal which will allow you to "recycle" your initial investment. I explain below: This property is £67k meaning £16750 deposit plus £3k bathroom plus legal fees plus stamp duty etc. Say it costs you a total of £25k. It will make you about £5k before tax so let's say £3k after tax. It will take 8 years before it makes back your initial investment. Now consider if you found a BMV deal where a house was worth £67k but you managed to snap it up for £60k and you were able to do a full refurb (dirty smell
  13. Hi, Just wondering if anyone is planning to attend the National Landlord Investment Show in Manchester in October? Has anyone been before and was it any good? Link https://www.landlordinvestmentshow.co.uk/manchester-8-october
  14. Hey Gilbert, www.property-connect.co.uk is a website which you might find useful. It is still in development but you can register now and when it is released it will allow you to enter your chosen areas and see a list of sourcers and associated contact details. There will also be a 5 star review & feedback system to help you select which agents to work with. Hope that is helpful. Regards, David
  15. Hey Will. Have you thought of tying up with a local Sourcer / deal packager who sources in Birmingham? They will know the area and should be able to find you the kind of deal you are after and will present you with the relevant figures. You will need to do your own due diligence though. Ifyou decide to agree on a deal, they will expect a fee which you'll need to factor in. But if they secure you a genuine good deal (below market value or an opportunity to add value) then it makes it easier to "recycle" your investment when you remortgage, as you'll remortgage on the new actual value
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