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  1. Hi all. I hope you're well. I am currently looking at a property in Liverpool (Kensington) as a vanilla buy to let. This would be my first investment in Liverpool and I wanted to run it over with an experienced Landlord before going ahead with it. Just wanted thoughts on the location, price etc. It would be great if someone can help me out and offer me some advice. Thanks Naj
  2. Hi Amjed. I hope you're well. I am looking for investment opportunities in Newcastle and it would be great to have a chat. My email address is najmulhoque0591@gmail.com If you can drop my a line and we can take iy from there. Naj
  3. Hi Steve. Hope I am not jumpig onto this too late. Hull is an area I am considering investing in in the future. Would be great to have a chat. My email address is najmulhoque0591@gmail.com. Hope to speak soon. Naj
  4. Thanks Vicky. Unfortunately I lost out on the property I was interested in Hull. Hopefully something else comes up in the near future. Thanks again
  5. Thanks Jason and Alex! I did not know that and could have been a tricky obstacle later on. Alex, it would be great to get the insurance brokers contact details. Thank you both once again. Naj
  6. Hi all. I am looking for a solicitor for a property I want to buy in Hull. Would be great if I can get a recommendation for one who is tried and tested. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all. I am looking to buy my first property (exciting times). I have found something I really like. I was wondering if anyone had any mortgage brokers they can recommend me in Hull. Would be great if I can get contact details of someone who is tried and tested. Thanks
  8. Hi Tim. Thanks for getting back to me. Really appreciate it. Would be great to talk to you about Hull and the different locations within it. It will also be nice to know how your hunt is going. My email is najmulhoque0591@gmail.com if you want to drop me a line and we can discuss in more detail. Speak soon Naj
  9. Hi All. I am a newbie investor from London. I have been looking at Hull as a potential location for my first BTL. The property I am looking at is already tenanted (terraced house) which has been split into two one bedroom flats. The yields seem pretty good. My first question is, as it is 2 flats would I have to pay 2 sets of fee's for this? (solicitors, stamp duty etc) Secondly I wanted a recommendation on any mortgage brokers anyone may have used. Would also be great to get talking to other investors in Hull to learn more about their
  10. Hi Martin. Just wondering if you had any luck in Hull and if so what your steps you took. Would be great to hear from you.
  11. Hi Martin. i hooe you're well. I am a newbie in London also looking in to Hull. Would be great to know how you get on and what your findings are. I have personally seen some terraced houses which have been turned in to flats. This has grabbed my attention and will possibly look out for these. In regards to location, walking distance to the station is never a bad thing. Look forward to hearing from you! Naj
  12. Hi all. I hope you're all well My names Naj. I live in East London. I am new to investing and hoping to get my hands on my first property. I have some experience working as a sales and lettings agent in East London. While at work I always wondered about investing up North. Most of our Landlords at work either lived close to their property or had previously. This made the thought of investing up North a terrifying thought. I put that thought on hold with that worry in mind. I have since come across Rob & Rob's podcasts and what a breathr of fresh air tha
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