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  1. Hello Hubbers! I'm looking for any recommendations for a Peterborough based Solicitor. This is my first property purchase, and with wide range of quotes Im wondering how to choose between them? Thanks in advance, Harry
  2. Hi and Happy New Year to you all. Sorry I havn't replied and didnt want to be rude, but ive now moved to Bristol so it will be a rather long drive for me Good luck and hope the group gets off the ground
  3. Hi guys, really sorry for the short notice but I wont be attending tonight as I have guests from spain over. Have a great time and look forward to the next meetup. Cheers Harry
  4. This sounds good to me, look forward to seeing you all again and thanks for organizing
  5. Thanks @barny2015 It was great to meet you all, and very interesting. Hope to catch up soon. And good luck Chis with the boiler and @holly edge with everything youve got going on this week.
  6. Yes I'll be there. See you all later Harry
  7. Hello Hubbers, I am a newbie to the group who is looking to get into property investing. The first step in my Plan is to find a Mortgage Advisor who has experience with dealing clients who earn a foreign income. My Situation is as follows: My American Wife and I (I'm English) have just moved to the UK after 7 years of traveling. Our online business is registered in the US and earns in US$. We are first time buyers. We are looking at BLT investments in the Peterborough and surrounding areas. If anyone can or knows of someone, I would really appreciate the help. Ive already spoken to a local broker who doesn't seem interested in working with me. I look forward to hearing from someone.......anyone........And Thank you in Advance
  8. Hello, I am new to the property hub and property as a whole, but very keen to get started in refurbishments and BTL. I currently live in Stamford, but am from Peterborough so know the area pretty well. I would love to join you guys for the meet up on 3rd July and meet fellow hubbers
  9. Hello everyone, I'm Harry. I'm a complete newbie and only just getting started in property investment. My aim is to build a portfolio of BTL in the Peterborough/ Stamford area with a focus on refurbishments and have 2 properties by the end of the year (2017) I have a background of working on and renovating properties for other people (and actually enjoy this element of the process), and so feel this is the direction for me. Although I'm yet to actually invest, If I can help anyone in anyway please let me know. On a separate note, my (American) wife and I have a online business which earns money in US$. If anyone has any advice on applying for mortgages with a foreign income, it would be much appreciated. Cheers Harry