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  1. Hi All, I have recently moved to the south west and have been housesharing in Bristol whilst my own house sale has gone through. Now that I am in a position to start looking again for my next purchase, I would like some advice regarding Weston-Super-Mare. I do not know the town really apart from brief visits for work, but property seems to be much more affordable than Bristol and as such has drawn my interest. My tip top purchasing price would be around £265k. I am buying by myself but would like a property where I can also rent out rooms to at least 2 other to help with mortgage etc. As I am a home-based worker, I need to access to the M5 so I am quite flexible on buying locations. However, as I am new to the area, the closer to a town for socialising, the better. Can anybody advise what areas in the town are best to look in and to avoid? What is housesharing demand like? What are going room rates etc? Any help appreciated.
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