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  1. Hello, I'm no expert (only have 1 property in Kettering so far) but I thought I'd reply as noone else has. I'm currently in the process of buying 2 terraced houses in St James, Northampton. Gross Yield is 6% and ROI is just over 13% but I am highly leveraged. St James doesn't have the greatest reputation but being close to the train station and town centre, demand is always there for rentals. As Milton Keynes gets more expensive I think Northampton will get a lot of the London commuters and prices will continue to rise. Would still like to read other peop
  2. Hi guys, Has anyone used (or heard of) Rent Connect (http://www.rentconnect.co.uk/) to rent out their BTL's before? I can't find any reviews on them online. I've been told in London they deal with homeless tenants and people in need but outside of London they assist people with moving, for example the tenants they deal with have to be full time employed without pets but earning as a family less than £29k. So the tenants they place in your property will be full time employed and either stationed there temporarily due to insurance work or need help with moving due to thei
  3. Hi guys, I have formed a limited company and am in the process of buying the companies first two properties. I can't get my head around spending so much money on a local accountant. They're over £1,500 per year, that really eats a junk out of my profits. I have Googling and came across The Accountancy Partnership. £50 per month so £600 per year and I spoke to them and they said they have many buy-to-let clients and they do offer us specific tax advice. I'm wondering if anyone on here has used them and have any feedback? Their reviews online are really good.
  4. No problem. Same to you. If you want direct contact with Gary (the broker I'm using) send me your email address and I'll forward it on to him
  5. I'm currently in the process of purchasing my first 2 properties through a ltd company and the broker I am using (Gary) seems to be doing a good job so far. His companies website is: http://mortgagesforbusiness.co.uk/property-finance/customer/buy-to-let-mortgages/
  6. Hi guys, I've bought a residential and a BTL mortgage in the past using a broker and the broker was free for me each time (I assume they got their fees from the lender). I am now purchasing through a LTD company and a broker charges me £500. Is that normal and a good price? Thanks, Youssef
  7. Hi Guys, I have an opportunity to buy two buy-to-lets in Liverpool. Having never been to Liverpool I've done a lot of research and the numbers look good and it seems that houses rent in this area. I will be visiting Liverpool in the next week or two but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/comments on Daisy Street in Liverpool. Is it a bad area? Thanks.
  8. Great epidsode. Where can I find the diagram of the cycle?
  9. Ashley, thanks a lot for this. How do I include in the formula for properties under £40,000 houses, there is no stamp duty to pay?
  10. I am half way through them, they are very useful! Thanks
  11. Hi All, I found the Property Podcast two weeks ago and I have been binging on it every since, great stuff. About my property experience: After graduation (2014), me and my brother bought a house (for our parents too). 1 year later, we sold it for £40,000 more and moved to a nicer home. In September 2016, we bought our first Buy-To-Let along with our uncle. Though we have had a lot of trouble with it, we have also learnt alot. The three of us will now be starting a limited company along with another uncle and a cousin. I will be running the company
  12. Hi guys, How much do Kilby Fox charge and how often do you meet up with them? Thanks
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