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  1. I do my admin myself but there is a lot of it. I wonder what tasks you give your VA that works well for you. There are cetrain privacy issues and I am sure also you want to keep tabs .
  2. Hi my name is Alex S and am an experienced Central London operator and have been a member of the NLA for a number of years. this is an excellent forum but necessarily is quite a generalist community due to its size. I enjoy the werkly podcasts amd always learn somethimg from them and am hoping thrpugh the meet ups and this forum to meet and talk to likeminded landlords as it can be quite lonely ( in a business sense) making decisions. I let a few resi prime mainly top end properties in Camden varying in size and hope to increase this number to or 12 over the next few years. I will be whacked by the withdrawal of interest relief which will raise my costs by £25k after tax and my operating costs are also rising due to inflation and Sterling depreciation and so far there is no sign of an uplift in rentals to compensate. That said I am not at least at the momemt going to give up.