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  1. Thanks Stuart I really appreciate the reply.
  2. Hi my bank have contacted me to see if I want to apply for a bounce back loan. I hadn't intended to but having thought about it it may be of interest. However I have heard that lenders won`t look at this too favourably and it could affect future lending. Has anyone else heard this?
  3. Thanks Onkar, really appreciate that. Are they in The Green Quarter by any chance? arafter19@gmail.com
  4. Hi I am looking to add to our portfolio. I am particularly interested in a new or fairly new build apartment as close to the city centre as £160-£170k will buy me. I know the area reasonably well. If anybody has any knowledge of anything coming up or even on the market now I would be really grateful. Regards, Andy
  5. Hi I have a reasonable sized portfolio of residential and commercial units which all happen to be in the town where I live. My son is at University in Leeds and he is house sharing at the moment. The accommodation is dire! I would like to buy something nicer in a good location for the University. So I was hoping there may be someone on here with some local knowledge who may be able to point me in the right direction. I was looking around £120k purchase price but would go a little higher if necessary.
  6. We are now asking for a detailed reason why the planner will not meet on site. We are also considering asking for the application to be moved to a more proactive planner who will look at us assisting in moving forward. He appears to have ignored our access statement (attached) and also gone against the advise of the Highways department and Conservation departments. Also to reiterate there isn't one single objection from the public. 18_01484_PLF-DESIGN_AND_ACCESS_STATEMENT_INCLUDING_HERITAGE_ASSESSMENT_AND_FLOOD_RISK_ANALYSI-3051436.pdf
  7. We have recently put in a very detailed and well thought out application to convert a derelict building into 4 one bed apartments. It is in the town centre where we live. We took a lot of advice and used some very good highly recommended people. That been said we aren`t naive enough to think it would sail through planning. We were however very confident. However as you can probably guess its been frustrating. The case officer has been extremely difficult to communicate with. He was on holiday for about 10 days while the application has been live and we weren't able to get hold of him for a further five days when he returned. During which time the Highways department have been and had a look and they have no concerns they recommend it to go through. The conservation officer has been and subject to making sure we install wooden windows rather than UPVC she is very happy with the scheme. The town Council don`t have any objections and there are no objections from any of the neighbours. However the case officer has said it will be refused. He said he has concerns that one of the windows looks onto a neighbours garden. We have requested that he visits the site because the window is a velux window and we don`t believe it causes a big problem. He has also raised concerns over parking which there would be one space but the development is within a bout 20 meters of a bus stop and taxi rank,50 meters from the town centre and about 350 meters from the train station. It is also opposite a car park offering 3 hour free parking it is 200 meters from a 350 space all day free car park and on street parking is available between 6pm and 8am. We have included a provision for bicycle storage within the scheme. He has refused to come to the site and he has even refused to see us at the council offices where he is based. He has told us to withdraw the application and put in a new scheme. We have said we would like to hear his views so we can be steered for any further application but he has flatly refused. My architect has said he has never known this happen in over 35 years of him doing this. My architect has advised me not to withdraw the application because that is the only way we can find out what his issues are but a developer friend of mine who happens to think the scheme we have in place is good says the last thing we need is a refusal. I imagine its easier for him if we do withdraw it but if we don`t and he refuses it then he has to produce the evidence based on policies which we are confident of defending. So what would you do, Withdraw or proceed and can we take it to a higher level if we feel he is being obstructive.
  8. I don`t know if many of you have ever bought a house where the previous tenants have removed the electric meter. We did on 26th January 2018 and managed to get the replacement meter fitted today! I couldn't begin to express the frustration and anger this has caused. The supplier was Extra Energy who have been an absolute nightmare to deal with. I`ll keep it as short as I can but I want to point out some of the events just to make you think if you are looking at something like we did that needed a full renovation. We bought it from the bank it had been repossessed and as often they do the tenant wrecked the place. None of that mattered too much we thought we knew what we were taking on. The problem started when we contacted Extra Energy to let them know the meter wasn't in the property. They said they would only proceed when we provided them with a crime number. So we called the Police but we were told that as we weren't the victims of a crime we couldn't have one. That`s what we expected but Extra Energy would not have it. They categorically said without a crime number they they wouldn't proceed and they meant it! They advised us to go back to the bank you can probably guess how that went,not a chance couldn't even speak to anybody who knew anything about the sale. We contacted the agent who called the Police on our behalf but they were told the same,they weren't the victim. This dragged on for months making the renovation a nightmare. My partner who happens to be my son had to set up generators. Extra Energy continued with their stance and I tried the Police a few more times. Then I did get to speak to someone on the 101 number who was at least prepared to show us some empathy. He asked me to leave it with him but said he couldn't make any promises. Thankfully he did get back to me and I aren`t too sure how he did it but he managed to get one. I then called Extra Energy back expecting them to prioritise it. How naive that was. They said it would be 90 days! Unless it was an emergency. I asked them to define that and basically somebody has to be living at the property. When I say that I really mean it they want to see evidence that someone really is living there. They said in those circumstances they would come out in three hours. So we had no choice,my son took a camp bed, clothes,toothbrush and some books. I know this sounds ridiculous and I was fuming. I rang them back and was forced to be economical with the truth. I said my son was living there. I then got a load of questions which were basically a way of them finding out whether or not somebody really was living there. I don`t know how I didn't completely loose it. They even said if for any reason they turn up and cant get parked they wont do the job,I kid you not that is honestly what they said. They said the fitter would be looking for evidence that someone was really looking there. I warned my son who of course couldn't go to work that he would need to be on his toes. Sure enough when the happy chappy turned up he started looking around the property for evidence. He said to my son that he didn't think he was really living there. My son said he was sleeping there but having to eat out because of course he couldn't cook anything. It was touch and go for a minute or two but my son managed to "convince" him he was really sleeping there. You are going to love what he said then. He said he had just been to another property where it was actually a landlord who was trying to make out he lived there. He seemed quite pleased with himself when he told my son that he sussed it out and refused to fit the meter saying it served the landlord right and he would now have to wait 90 days! this is all completely true but to be honest I don`t think I could make it up if I tried.
  9. Hi could anybody point me in the right direction for a template for Notice of Rent Increase. I just want to make sure I do it the right way and I haven't actually done it before. TIA
  10. Sorry I dont think I ever posted the conclusion to this. The TPO agreed that the agent had done wrong and he had to reimburse my son. It was a very lengthy process and it wouldn't be something I would enjoy doing again but would do so in a heartbeat.The agent is a villain and obviously expected us to go away. With all your help I`m so pleased we didn't. We now self manage all our properties but we have our ears open in case a good agent is recommended in Hull and East Yorkshire. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for the reply Paddy glad to hear that its not only me in this situation. I know now you need to give them notice if you are proposing an increase,did you? This is the bit I want to get right but I cant find a step by step guide on it.
  12. I would like some advice please regarding rent payable. I self manage my modest portfolio. I chose to do this years ago after having a couple of very bad experiences with letting agents. Since then we have had a very low turnaround in tenants some have been with me for over 10 years and most are over 5. My issue is that I have only ever put up rent when a tenant has left. I have never been in a situation where I have increased an existing tenants rent but now we are some way behind the local market price. My philosophy has always been to be keen with the rent and be a good landlord offering nice clean well maintained properties and that has stood me well. But as a consequence I simply aren`t charging enough. I aren`t talking about being silly but I think on average I could very easily achieve another £50 pcm and still be very competitive.They are all on ASTs. Has anybody else been in this situation and if so how did it pan out for you?
  13. Thanks for the reply. The Solicitor refunded the bulk of their charges and to be honest I think my son and his fiancé had had enough of it all. I did think they could have took it further but I could understand them wanting to put it behind them. Interestingly the solicitor that handled their sale left the practice under a cloud soon after apparently. My son has spoke to a solicitor about the agent using the images and he agrees he shouldn't be using them without his permission. They are in dialogue with the agent so Weill see where it goes. Thanks again for your comments.
  14. Hi Darren thanks for the comment you're right it has been a big learning curve. What happened was the builder modified 6 or so houses on the development and the authorities weren't happy. I know my son shouldn't have gambled and started work in it but I can see why he did. The electrical aspect in the houses is about 5k so he got that as a discount on the understanding he would carry out the electrical work which he did. You're right though that was too risky. The agent knew they were desperate to move in and basically gave them the ultimatum rent it or lose it! He has a lousy reputation in the town and I'm waiting now for my opportunity to cause him some grief.
  15. I know this sounds very trivial in the world we live in and I nearly didn't bother but its really niggling and annoying me and my family. I`ll give a very edited version and if anyone has any advice or comment I would be extremely grateful. My son bought a new build house last year from a local agent who works closely with a very good builder. It was my sons and his fiance first home and should have been a pleasurable experience. I wont go into all the details but it was a nightmare. The worst thing was that when they went for completion it was discovered by the solicitor that the house didnt have planning permission along with another six on the same development. In hindsight at that point they should have walked but my son is an electrician and he purchased it on the understanding that he would do all the electrics including spot lights and smart systems etc. I know what you're thinking! He shouldn't have but he did and he made a fantastic job. They did the usual things like buying furniture and his fiance gave notice on her rented house 30 miles away and got a place at the local school for her 5 year old son. They were sat on the drive waiting to move in when their solicitor called! It was a nightmare in the end the agent said they could move in but they would have to pay the market rent for the property which as you can imagine didn't go down well. They agreed, this was about 3pm on the afternoon and he even charged them rent for the whole of that day! I could go on but Ill leave that there. Planning was eventually given after about 6 months during which time they had paid almost £5k in rent This was about 18 months ago. The agent is now marketing the next phase. The cheeky b*****d has been down to my sons house and photographed their house and he is using the image on Rightmove to market this next phase. He never asked permission. Can he do that? My son has been into see him and he asked him to leave the office and said he wouldn't remove it. At the start I said it may sound trivial but given the history I can sympathise with my son. What would you do? Is he breaking the law? Thanks for reading this and any comments would be gratefully received.