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  1. Thanks guys you have all been very helpful Drkidd and damien fogg i am swaying to the interest only idea and saving to reinvest. Yes damien I would really like to chat with you futher
  2. Hi i'm new to the property field, I own my flat outright but I now would like to buy another property to rent out, is a interest only mortgage the best option? Am i best to save for a deposit and get a mortgage for the new property or borrow against my own? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi nigel thank you ill have a look as im 'm not too far from there thanks
  4. Hi there does anyone know the best place to bathroom suites from? Thanks in advance
  5. HI I'm refurbishing a bathroom and kitchen does anyone know where I can buy some relatively cheap tiles. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Tim thank you for replying you have raised a few points I haven't even thought of, I am actively looking for work within an estate agents to gain some knowledge as to how the business operates. The ban on tennant fees and the online estate agents have made me question if it is worth it for me. My plan B is to go and study to become a property solicitor any thoughts on this? Thanks again
  7. Hi there my names Stacy and I am keen to meet any estate agents the run there own agencies as this is the area I would like to get into. I am struggling to find out how to go about setting up my own. Any tips would be appreciated thanks you
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