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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice about buying a property in France. The dream in retirement is to split our time between France and UK... so my wife and I would be tax resident in UK but have a holiday home in France. I would be 60 years old at that point maybe even a couple of years older and my wife is 5 years younger than me, so I'm guessing that getting a mortgage would be difficult. Does anyone know if my UK property company could buy the property, given that we'd be looking to rent it out for part of the year? Many thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. Does anyone have a view on what will happen to interest rates in 6 months' time... do you think lenders will reduce or increase....?
  3. Can anyone tell me if Hillsborough is within the Article 4 area? Are there any other areas outside the Article 4 areas popular with students?
  4. Hi Zeallots, My understanding is that you are definitely an overseas landlord. It's definitely worth filling out a NRL form so that you receive your rental income without deductions. If I'm wrong, hopefully other will correct me!
  5. Sorry to hear about your trouble Simba87. Respect to Richard Brown. You give landlords a better name!
  6. Hi Jordan, This happened to me a while back although the other way round.... The leak came from my flat (also a maisonette) into the one downstairs. The landlord contacted me and I arranged for someone to go in and redecorate their bathroom downstairs. In my case, the landlord and I have each other's contact details through the leaseholder, and that would be my first point of call... I would also take photos as evidence... Good luck!
  7. Just wondering if anyone could give me a working example of how this would work?
  8. Thanks Simon for your detailed response! I don't yet have the experience required for Option 1 For Option 2, if I were to take the 75% loan, and fund the works myself, how would I be able to refinance to get a 75% loan of the post-refurb work? Would I have to wait for 2 years or is the "bridge to term" product a way of accessing 75% of the initial value followed by a 75% loan of the post-refurb value? Thank you for your patience!
  9. Hi... Just wondering if anyone knows if there are many lenders who offer "refurbishment mortgages" (i.e. back to brick heavy refurbishment making structural changes) My understanding is that these lenders will lend an initial amount based on the Purchase Price than will offer a valuation based on the proposed refurb being carried out to their satisfaction. Is this correct? Or will they lend for example 75% of the expected post refurb value upfront (I'm guessing not!) Can anyone offer more details? e.g., Can this be done: w
  10. Hi Sam, I think you might have a good point... If someone isn't willing to leave themselves open to review, what have they got to hide? mybuilder.com is a case in point... if 99% leave a good review, you will ignore the 1% that gives a bad review... If you're confident in your product, what's to hide?
  11. I've been reading Carl Bayley's How to Save Property Tax and came across something I don't fully understand. Let's say I Remortgage my BTL property to release equity. Use that equity to buy a 2nd property Both properties are held as individual (not incorporated) Am I now only able to claim mortgage interest on the first property, or can I claim it on both? Many thanks in advance!
  12. Hi A1 terrier, Out of interest, which lender will lend 75K for an expat mortgage? My broker couldn't find a lender that would lend less than 100K...
  13. I have also sent you an email requesting this Darren!
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