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  1. Hey PH Team, My wife and I have recently settled on Coventry as our investment area (after running the numbers on a lot of locations). We would love to meet any other property investors in Coventry for coffees/drinks, and are also looking for recommendations on contractors. Any help would be hugely appreciated and hopefully meet some of you soon! Joe
  2. Hey PH Team, Can anyone recommend any contractors in the Coventry area? We're going to be specifically looking for builders, electricians, plumbers etc to help us refurb properties we intend to flip Thanks in advance! Joe
  3. Thanks Vicky and thrilled to be here!!! The "Why" board was a lot of fun and truly helps us both stay motivated. It can feel like a bit of a waste of an afternoon (instead of looking for deals etc) but every time I pop to the fridge to get some milk in the morning I get to stare at all of the amazing things we want to do with our lives. Sounds like a good investment of 3-4 hours to me :)
  4. Hey PH team My name's Joe and I'm a movie obsessed designer living in London with my wife Rachel, and we're both eager to really get going in property. Why I'm writing this post Over the past few weeks we've been crunching the numbers and building spreadsheets to assess the areas we'd like to invest in and so far Coventry is feeling right for us. It's around the right price we can afford and isn't *too* far from London. We're aiming to visit in the next few weeks to get a feel for the place and maybe visit some properties and would love to grab c
  5. Hey Property Hub, First time posting and thrilled to be here! My wife and I are starting our journey into property investing and are blown away by the amount of incredible content on here, as well as the various property podcasts. One quick question... is there a difference between an Angel and a Joint Venture? We were watching a video as part of an online property course and the presenter separated Angels and Joint Ventures into separate sections but then didn't make the distinction overly clear, which just left us feeling more confused.
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