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  1. Hello everyone, I'm in the process of buying my first BTL house and I encountered a few problems. The house has a rear extension built over a sewer pipe. The extension was built in the 80s and has a planning permission. But there is no build over agreement with water company. I've read that building over a sewer pipe can be a problem, as the extension can cause damage to the pipes if not done properly and in case the pipes need repairing this could be very costly. On the other hand the extension has been there for 30 years and from the building survey there are no visible problems. Als
  2. Hello Marcus, Thank you for your reply. I asked my mortgage broker for advice on insurance and he passed my details to insurance broker. However their quote is higher than I expected, therefore I'm looking for other options. It's hard to understand if their policy is better than cheaper alternatives and if it will pay out when needed. Thank you!
  3. Hi Patrick and Kevin, Thank you for your replies and advice. I will get a quote from Simply Business and also get more familiar with NLA. I think that after exchange of contracts - when I'm closer to become a landlord, I will join NLA. Did anyone use their phone help line and would recommend it? Thank you!
  4. Hello Everyone, all the best in New Year! I’m in the process of buying my first BTL property. This is very exciting :-) My offer was accepted and I’m finalising the mortgage! I'm buying my property through an estate agent, so not the deal of the century, but still happy about it. I need to find a good Landlords Insurance and have no clue which one is the best. I read different articles, reviews, listened to the podcast and have not been able to make a decision. From what I’ve read I will need buildings insurance and public liability insurance. I was wondering about the NL
  5. Hi Donald, Thank you for sharing the link to Mr Foggs website and the contacts for the tradesmen! I will have to think about all the feedback and make some decisions soon, as my own deadline for buying first property is approaching :-)
  6. Hi Rob, Thank you for your advice. I don't have experience / skills with refurbishing houses. I would have to rely on someone else. Perhaps starting from a smaller refurb project would be best for me and with experience try bigger ones. Another option could be enrolling in a DIY program like Donald suggested. Of course that would not make me an expert but would give me a better understanding. I supposed everything that requires more specialist knowledge like replacing heating systems, electric rewiring should be avoided. Hopefully this kind of issues would come out in the survey and
  7. Hi Kevin, Thank you for your reply and all your help! Will definitely get the surveyor before I buy a property.
  8. Hi Donald, Good to hear from you. I'm happy that this topic was helpful for you too :-) I'm really thankful to all the contributors, I've learned so much on this forum! How are your new build BTLs doing, are you able to make any profit on them? I was ignoring new builds so far (especially in London) as I could never make my numbers work. That's a shame as one would hope they don't require maintenance for a long time. The mentorship program sounds interesting. What to expect from such a program? I will try to find out more about that. Would you be able to recommend any good
  9. Hi Richard, Wow, I didn't even think about investing outside of the UK, only holiday lets locally eg Bournemouth. Perhaps holiday lets don't exist here due to the weather :-) Your project in Algarve does sound stressful! Glad you were able to sort it out. I'll take your advice and ignore holiday lets for now. I will try to educate myself regarding buy-to-sell in the near future. I doubt I will be able to get my hands on a total wreck for complete refurb as I imagine you cannot buy those kind of houses through estate agents and this is what I will do for now, buying at auction seems too
  10. Hi Richard, Thank you for the link to your blog! So many strategies, I think I have the most knowledge (theory only so far) in the forced appreciation strategy. Playing with numbers is what I do at the moment to make sure I find a good deal :-) Thanks to all the help in this forum I can find out more about refurbishing houses and gain some confidence how to approach this. In terms of why I want to get involved in property investment, well I have a goal to achieve financial freedom in 5-7 years time. I would like to retire early and have income in the years before retirement. That wou
  11. Hello Kevin, Thank you for your help. Lots of great, valuable information! I will definitely join LNPG and contact the building company you recommended. The construction companies I know don't want to work outside of London which was making everything complicated. My worry with properties for refurb is that when I will go for a viewing I will not realize that perhaps the property has some serious faults. For example I may discover later that it needs massive structural repairs, new heating system, new plumbing, electric wiring etc. This is why I'm nervous about it, even though I know t
  12. Hello Richard, Thank you for your advice. I will probably start slowly and invest faster with more experience. Don't want to go too slow, but also don't want to get discouraged if the process will be too stressful. I will definitely need to recycle my deposit, but maybe I will have to wait a bit longer. I decided that I feel too nervous about going into a big refurb project for my first investment. Maybe the second one :- ) I will have to find out more about JV as I was not considering it at this stage, therefore I skipped this topic altogether in my learning process! At t
  13. Hello acereferee, Thank you for sharing your experiences of buying properties. I agree that there is so much more that I will learn in practice. Finding one area for investment is definitely a good thing, I cannot understand (luck of experience!) how else it can be done, as it must take so much time and effort to source and renovate properties spread across the whole country. I think I will try to buy a property that requires a small refurb, and leave the bigger more complex projects for later. I'm impressed with the speed you're building your portfolio: 14 properties in 4 years! :-) How
  14. Hello everyone, I'm getting closer to buying my first BTL property. I have done lots of research and read thepropertyhub blog, listened to podcasts. There is a lot of advice to buy a property with potential to add value (renovating, adding extensions), so that you can remortgage and get your deposit back. My question is, if I'm buying away from where I live and I don't have a lot of experience with refurbishing properties, is this still a good strategy? I would have to find a construction company, trust that they do the right job, won't charge me a fortune, the refurb will not take too l
  15. Hello Donald, Thank you again for all the advice. If you're enjoying talking about property that is great news, I’m all ears :-) If you could PM me about your experience of buying your first property in London, I would be really interested in learning all about it. Regarding buying up north, I’m getting more and more convinced. My worry is how to go about viewing properties which are far away from where I live. Not sure how other investors are doing that. As you said, never buy a property unseen. If I find a property on Right Move or Zoopla and think that it is an o
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