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  1. Hi, As per title, I need to renovate a kitchen and currently mulling over whether to fit gloss or matt units. The kitchen is fairly long (about 14 carcasses) and I plan on going with a light to medium grey unit colour. Since this is the first time renovating a kitchen in preparation for rent, was wondering what folks experiences are when it came to choosing gloss or matt (appeal / robustness / maintainability etc)? So far, my research suggests that gloss may be easier to clean BUT shows marks more...? Any thoughts / feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi Darren, thanks - makes sense. Should tenants be informed too? (Although I guess they'd have no reason to drill into the ceiling / should seek permission before doing anything like that?)
  3. Hi, I recently completed on a house and currently doing the place up in preparation to rent. The property had ceiling cladding all over the place and having removed 90% of it, I've discovered artex ceiling in the kitchen and one of the bedrooms. I've had two samples taken in the kitchen and will hear back on Monday whether they contain asbestos. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the bedroom artex tested as the previous owner plasterboarded over the ceiling so it's difficult to get a sample (I can see from a tiny opening in the light fixture space what appears to be th
  4. Hi, I'm looking to renovate a living rooms walls but I'm not sure what this type of wall effect is called so I've attached an image. I'm just after some rough estimates of what folk think it'd cost to effectively convert it into a standard "flat wall" with fresh paint? I'm not even sure if the black strips are an "effect" or an integral part of the house structure, (I haven't bought the house yet - this estimate will help guide the offer I put in...). Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've recently had an offer accepted on a 3 bed end of terrace property in a location with most of the fundamentals and what seems like a good area (based on what the locals say / crime stats) but wanted to know whether these properties had higher costs associated with them? For example, maintenance of side wall, loss of heating (the property has a EPC D rating)? Also, even though the area appears good, I'm a tad concerned over two things that wouldn't normally cross my mind: 1. Someone deciding to graffiti the side wall 2. Kids playing ball against
  6. @mtgsuccess would you say those rates apply to someone who's a first time buyer / first time landlord too?
  7. Thanks Ben, this list is great! On a related note, does anyone have a working link to the property viewing checklist as mentioned on property podcast #119? Trying to access the following link throws me a "configuration error"
  8. Thanks Ben, appreciate the reply. I've crunched the numbers and still believe I'll be making a profit albeit a small one. I think for my first investment, I'll keep things simple and purchase as a individual. Once I have one under my belt, I'll then explore the LTD co avenue again. :-)
  9. Hey Hubbers, I've been looking to invest in the BTL market via a limited co. Before seriously looking for a property, I wanted to know the sort of mortgage I could attain then I'd understand the finances I have at my disposal. Some quick fire details: - Up to 75k to invest - First time buyer - Already have a dormant LTD co which I set up last October - High rate taxpayer I spoke to a broker regarding my situation and they said because I'm a FTB, new to the BTL scene and wanting to operate via a LTD company, mortgage interest for me would be around 7%.
  10. Hi there, I've been a software developer by trade for the last 8 years and have always wanted to make a serious investment with the cash I've accrued over the years. In terms of investments, I ended up at a crossroads between shares and property and having dabbled around with shares, feel that I want to invest the bulk of my savings (~60k) into property. In terms of property experience, I have pretty much zilch but that's exactly why I'm here. I'm half way through the book "Property Magic" by Simon Zutshi and have been listening to The Property Hub's splendid podcasts
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