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  1. Hi there, I am currently investing in the Teesside area and have a couple of student BTL's close to Teesside University. My question is this... There is a proposed student village that looks to go ahead in January 2020 that will include a huge accommodation increase of quality student houses/flats. Can developments like this owned by the university drastically effect the stock of privately owned student accommodation? Has there been any previous cases of this from other small university towns where this has happened and what were the effects? My guess is
  2. Hi Cheryl I'm new to the game having bought two properties in Middlesbrough with my brother under a limited company. Would be good to chat regarding property management as I may need some help with this. I understand it's been a while since your post but it'd be good to see where you're at with everything Regards Jamie
  3. Hi there first post here! I am currently looking to buy my first student HMO property. Being a builder i'd like to buy a pretty run down property which requires a fair bit of work and maybe add bedroom/s through a loft conversion/extension given the opportunity. My question is this.... is there a right time to buy a student HMO? Can i place students mid academic year in the property if it's before the September start date or will there be a void period between when my project is finished to when the new academic year starts? Will i pick up some January starting stude
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