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  1. Hello everyone! I have a very unusual property law case. I have been trying to get advice from about dozen of various property law solicitors as well as taking some actions but unsuccessfully and no one knows what to do with it…. In 2007 my husband and I bought a leasehold property (1st floor maisonette) with a converted loft. The loft was converted in 2004. When we bought the property it was repossessed. We used recommended solicitors, who were based in Scotland. Only after the purchase was sealed I found out that the loft had a separate title and what’s worse it was not transferred in
  2. I am an aspiring property investor/developer. Interior design, home refurbishment and restructuring are a huge passion of mine. I feed off the inspiration. So far, I have successfully done a few properties abroad and look forward to start in the UK. I hope that the Property Hub and members can help lead me in the direction I seek and gladly help the others if I can. Nice to meet you all!
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