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    Liverpool, Nottingham, Northampton, Newcastle
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    Hello! I am a property investor looking to build a diverse portfolio across the country.
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    BTL, Buy-Refurb-Refinance, Hands-off HMOs
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    Business management, finance, data driven deal assessment, I've done a light refurb or two myself.
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    To build passive income.

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  1. Hi Patrick and welcome. I think you are right, maintenance at 25% is probably a bit steep. When I put the calculator together I tried to be very conservative with the default assumptions. Maintenance in this instance includes everything from insurance, tenancy renewals, gas safety certificates and big costs like a new kitchen which would wipe out many months of rent so I set it high because I didn't want to cover up the true cost of BTL but I agree we should look at it again. I would welcome any feedback from others on what maintenance should be as a % of rental income?
  2. Hi, I have a single let in Northampton and have never had any problems with demand. In my view it is a good place to invest for the long term. Prices have gone up in recent years but there's still room for more growth as it's still relatively cheap and it's well located to benefit from the ripple effect from the more expensive London commuter belt.
  3. It may also be worth mentioning the cheapest is not necessarily the best. A good mortgage advisor saves you more than they charge you, especially if you're early in your journey. I've had a great experience with Damien Fogg of Fogg Financial in the past, in fact I believe Damien can be spotted on this forum from time to time too. I'd say just have some conversations and go with someone you feel you can work with.
  4. Good catch, I must have swapped those two around by accident when making changes. I have swapped them back now.
  5. Having all this input is fantastic. Thank you all! I made the changes mentioned that were quick and made a note of the rest which I will see if I can include as part of a revised version in the near future. There is a breakdown of the expenses included if you click the "Expense breakdown" bar and I have now added a free field for you to add any additional allowable expenses. Now included. There is a checkbox in the Additional Detail dropdown bar. Good call. ...you read my mind! Not OTT at all, it's much appreciated. I had some of the calcula
  6. Thanks DerekT I appreciate the feedback. I agree it would be useful to be able to save and compare deals. It's one for me to think about. If I can find a way to incorporate it I will. Yes, in fact Bigger Pockets was a big inspiration for my version. I like that calculator a lot... if only they had a UK version...
  7. Hi all, For anyone interested I wanted to share this calculator I put together to analyse BTL and buy-refurb-refinance deals: https://www.thepropertycalculator.co.uk/ I have been using an excel sheet for a few years and decided to build this web version so I can easily access it and to simplify the interface a bit. There are still some enhancements to be made and it's not as sophisticated as some calculators I've seen but it works well for my needs. I'd really appreciate any feedback you have. Feel free to use it yourself if you like it, it would be great if it helps other
  8. Thank you Susan. I am glad to hear it, though I'd say I was still a little way off success yet. Getting there slowly though Good luck on your journey. Anton
  9. Hi everyone, my name's Anton, I am two years into my journey and I thought I'd share a little of it with the fantastic community here. Throughout my 20s I lived up and down the UK just happy to concentrate on my career. Then two years ago in my early 30s I had some difficulty at work that coincided with some health trouble. I'm completely fine now but it made me realise I may not be able to work for another 30-40 years living month to month. I needed a plan and by listening to podcasts like the PropertyHub podcast I managed to put together a 10 year plan to replace my current salary with
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