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  1. Paul - lodger , taking legal action agains landlord. What should i do? L- second lodger. AJ - landlord living in with my partner C. Renting out the spare rooms in their own home to get some extra income, for P and L. Sharing facilities - kitchen, bathroom, living room, garden, bathroom. A mutual verbal agreement between P and AJ -renting a room for £375 per month, deposit £150. First month rent was paid in cash and second month and deposit paid in bank. Deposit and full second month retuned to P on the day he moved out. He stayed 1 month and half. Long st
  2. Hello, I am new to property investment but I have been learnening and I am very motivated to start. The question is how to! I have idea of my strategy but any input would be very valuable. Strategy: buy BMV or opportunity to add value and to remortgage and let, withdraw money for next deposit! Or sell and move on to next bigger project, possibly in Spain Company structure: SPV 2 directors 1 director put cash in ( unemployed but with passive income coming in from USA) 2 director- take out mortgage ( as a second director I am unemployed at the mome
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