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  1. Also, sorry to bother you again Damien, do this figures involve labour costs too, please? Thanks Sara
  2. Hello people, Please can I have a contact of a good local builder ? Many thanks Sara
  3. Hello Anyone can refer reliable property professionals (builders, solicitors, tax advisers etc.) to build up my power team in Manchester, please? Many thanks Sara
  4. Hello I have just viewed a property and find it very interesting. I am a bit lost on how to estimate the refurb costs before placing an offer. I believe that the house needs to have carpet replaced on 2 floor, bathroom and kitchen completely renewed, minor decoration jobs, external front wall cleaned up, possibly electrics to be rewired too. Please any idea on how to estimate the costs? I have attached a plans and measures. Thanks Sara
  5. Hello people I am new in the property investment sector and together with my husband and a friend are starting to look for a property to flip in Greater Manchester or Stockport areas. Our dilemma (first of many :P), is whether it would be better to set up a Ldt or just buy a property one of ourselves, perhaps my self, since I `m not working regularly therefore not earning much. Anyone could drop a piece of advice here please? Our concern is about tax, especially after the new rules in force this year. Many thanks for helping Sara
  6. Hello My name is Sara, I am new to the property investment business. I am now, setting up my plan and I would like to have some suggestions from more expertise people in the group. Who are the people I need in my team in order to complete a deal and where can I find them, please? I am going to source and raise the money. Any other suggestions on what to do when starting up, please? Thanks for helping Sara
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