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  1. Hi there, Thanks for the tips - we're now in the process of remortgaging with HSBC, looks like they only deal direct so probably why our broker didn't highlight them...so far they seem to have no issue with the foreign income aspect....fingers crossed! Thanks again :-) Kim.
  2. Hey Rob, Yeah Gorgie's certainly got plenty potential & I do think that the Haymarket redevelopment work will help investors gain some capital growth in surrounding areas such as Gorgie. Portobello is my favourite area in Edinburgh (obviously!) but sadly, prices are just too high here to capture any decent yields. I've started looking at the whole limited company option, but so many variables to consider, funny.....my next goal was to seek professional advice on my specific circumstances. So, I really appreciate you sharing your contact, I only just posted on the Forum a few days ago asking if anyone had any recommendations for tax advisors! Hope all goes well for you & would be great to catch up at one of the meet ups. Thanks again, Kim.
  3. Hi there! Great to see some local chat on the forum, I too am Edinburgh based - sunny Portobello! Like yourself Rob I am working hard to realise my dream of replacing my income through BTL's (& also hopefully satisfy my obession with all things property related!) I am in the process of learning as much as I possibly can - the Property Hub & all it's contributers have been an invaluable tool. Sadly, we have no secret stash of money either - but are lucky enough to have an accideontal BTL (inability to sell back in 2009) so I plan to release equity from this & purchase my initial 2 BTL's. Although, we are having some problems refinancing as my husband works offshore for a Norweigen company & so is classed as having 'foreign inclome' & apparently there are very few lenders who will now accept this. Anyway, I found it really interesting to read everyone's comments on this thread - I have been driving myself nuts 'running the numbers' to identify which areas will meet my rental yield needs (it was quite a realisation to see how tricky it will be to make the numbers add up!). I too have looked at Dalkeith along with Falkirk & Dunfermline. I am also seriously considering Glasgow on the advice of the Rob's & other forum contributers. I met with a few management companies in Glasgow to try & build my knowledge of the rental market there & so far I like the look of the Shawlands/ Langside area. Once I've build up a bit more knowledge (& courage!) I hope to pop along to one of the meet ups too. Kim :-)
  4. Hey Derek, Thank you so much for your help, so much to learn & work through....every little bit of support helps! Hoping I can do the same for others further down the line. Thanks!
  5. Hi folks, We are looking at remortgaging my husbands BTL flat (in his name only which is how we'd like to keep it) to release the equity to finance my BTL purchases. However, my husband is paid in Norwegian Krone as he works offshore, although he has always been a UK resident. Our mortgage broker advises that Santander & Barclays won't lend due to Norwegian income & Natwest would only lend the additional capital if my husband were to be named on the new BTLs - which we want to keep in my name only! He therefore advises the only option is to have my name added to my husband's current BTL property title & new mortgage - as I have UK income. However, there may be stamp duty implications for doing so & irrelevant of that we wanted to keep this property in my husbands name only. Im thinking there must be lots of investors who live in the UK but work abroad & so have a foreign income, so am surprised that our mortgage lender options on this basis are so restricted. Particularly, as Norway is such a stable country & my husband has been employed with the same company for 11 years! So I guess my question is - can anyone advise on mortgage lenders who do not have a problem with foreign income? Any help much appreciated! Thank you.
  6. Hi Derek, Thanks so much for your reply, do you happen to have a website link for them...can't find them online anywhere! Appreciate your time, thanks!
  7. Hi folks, Can anyone help with the attached query - would really appreciate some personal recommendations. Thanks!
  8. Hi James, Having met with a few property letting companies in Glasgow on Thursday, the standard fee seems for full management seems to be 10%. But some will reduce to e.g. 8% if you have more than one property. Hope that helps? Fox.
  9. Hi there, I am just starting out on acquiring a BTL property portfolio, with a plan to buy 2 properties (in Glasgow) over the next 6 months & a further 2 or 3 over the next year or so. I am keen to ensure I am set up in the best possible way before I get started (possibly as a limited company?) & so am hoping to get some recommendations on any Scottish based (I live in Edinburgh) BTL tax advisers. Rita4rent has been suggested to me by one of the letting companies I have visited, but Id be grateful if anyone here has had any positive personal experiences, which they would be happy to share. Thank you!
  10. Hi Lauren, You've been a great help - much appreciated! I am meeting with someone on Thursday - excited to get this property journey underway. Thank you :-)
  11. Hi Lauren, Thanks for that - I will try & get a wee meet organised with Slater, Hogg & Harrison. Fox :-)
  12. Hi there Lauren, I am currently looking to source a good property managememt company in Glasgow & hope to meet with a couple next week to gauge their services. So far I have a meeting with Fineholm but looking to get another in the mix too! I wonder if you would be willing to share the name of the company you have mentioned above, assuming of course, you are still happy with them! Many Thanks, Fox :-)
  13. Hi there, I'm hoping to get a recommendation or two for a quality & reliable mortgage broker - ideally based in Edinburgh (but would also consider any other Scottish recommendations). Anyone have personal experience which they are willing to share? Much appreciated :-)
  14. Hi folks, Again I'm hoping for some help in getting started with my BTL property portfolio which I hope to kickstart before the end of this year in Edinburgh. I have done a LOT of reading/ online researching but feel I need to now get out & start discussing my goals/ strategy (all now documented) & more specifically the numbers with the professionals, so I can start to get a real feel as to how realistic my plans are - but where do I start? I have used Mov8 Estate Agents & Sols in the past (in buying & selling my home properties) - so I know they also have in house mortgage advisors & they seemed pretty good at the time. But I would really appreciate any personal recommendations on estate agents, mortgage advisors & accountants in & around the Edinburgh area. Also, would it be sensible to start with a mortgage broker & then move from that point? Any support much appreciated & I will be sure to share my feedback for others! Thanks, Fox.
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