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  1. Can a company have 2 SIC codes? Say I want my company to be for letting for now, in future I want to buy and sell properties. Or will I have to start a new company with a new SIC code in the future for different activities?
  2. Hi Debbie, No, what I meant was rent one of my own company's properties to live in. That way I can rent out my current permanent residence and change it to a interest only mortgage.
  3. Hi everyone! Newbie investor here, currently working on our 1st and 2nd investment property. Going forward I'm looking to purchase future properties in a limited company and would appreciate any help on the steps required to set up a limited company and any advice and pitfalls to avoid during the process. Also wondering if anyone rents off their own limited companies and whether that makes things cheaper at all or whether it makes sense economically. Looking forward to getting stuck right in to the forum! Thanks in advance!
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