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  1. Hi all, resurrecting this as I’ve had an idea I’d like to put out there... So, I find myself no further since all my efforts over half a year ago. I found the small number of mortgage products and rates for a newbie Expat investor a non-starter. However, the cogs are always whirring as I’m so keen to get a portfolio off the ground. Anyway, the main feedback I got regarding the lack of products available, was that we don’t currently own anything in the UK, despite our situation here in Germany. So I thought what if we bought something/ anything cheap outright
  2. Hi Frankfurt Rob, thanks for your message I have considered investing here and we even have friends, who have invested to rent. A few things make it difficult: My wife is in a demanding job, plus, we have a young family, so the idea is that this is my project and she is unable to be involved. Unfortunately, my German language skills are ok, but not good enough to deal with Makler, Mieter or Handwerker if needs be. I have little idea of geography, demographics, let alone the market beyond Munich and I'm pretty sure we've missed the boat where that is concer
  3. In my case yes it would be fully managed let
  4. Hi all, As a newbie to this, I'm busy crunching the numbers. Most of the examples I come across seem too straight forward. I've pieced together costs from several examples below, but what other costs should I be factoring in (example. 2-bed flat)? So far I have: Solicitor fees (conveyancing) Mortgage fees (application \ product \ valuation) Stamp duty Service charge Ground rent Letting fees Insurance Repairs contingency Furniture (if applicable) Refurb (if applicable) Cheers Tom
  5. Hi all, I'm facing exactly the same situation a year on and it's proving to be the major stumbling block to my journey into property investment. I'm trying to find out what the implication are if I were to include a UK based family member \ friend as a shareholder \ director in the Ltd company set-up - anyone investigated this? Did any of you succeed in finding a more flexible solution since last year? Which providers did you end up with? Tom
  6. Hi all, First post, so go easy on me. I'm UK expat living in Munich with my German wife and seriously interested in starting the property investment journey back in the UK. I'm in the early stages educating myself through the excellent TPH & TPP resources, making connections, getting advice and already meeting early challenges. One such challenge is Expat BTL mortgages. I've had some helpful conversations so far with brokers and mortgage companies direct, but the initial issue seems that most will only offer Expat BTL on a min loan of between £100-150
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