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  1. @Stuart - thank you for your explanation, really helpful. i am going to book in an appointment with a mortgage advisor to talk this through Re the £30 difference of phone bill, it was only a one off month, every other month, ranges between 45-55 quid depending on the numbers I need to call. If it was just a one off month, would this still be tough? Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi people, I will be applying for a mortgage in the next few upcoming months and just want to know what sort of things banks will look for in my bank statement. For instance, will they look at each individual transaction (whether it be a car loan or just something bought off ebay)? How much detail will they go into my bank statement? Also, my phone bill is up and down, for example: Month A: £42.99 Month B: £54.45 Month C: £72.99 Month D: £42.99 Will they query why this fluctuates and what I did for my phone bill to increase?
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