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  1. hi i'm still trying to find a good spreadhsheet. i can't find the links for the ones quoted above. can anyone help?
  2. That's very interesting. Would i need a solicitor to do the declaration of trust or is this something i can sort out myself? Any guidance would be a huge help. This would mean I don't have to transfer ownership at all?
  3. Thanks very much for the suggestion. We tried leek but because the apartment is higher than 6 floor they will not lend, which is unfortunate as they have a good rate. Barclays has a minimum income requirement of £25k , however i just found out something interesting this morning. I spoke to a broker and they said that they can get around this by underwriting themselves. I never knew this would be possible. Have you guys had any experience with brokers willing to underwrite themselves in order to get around certain restrictions? Is this legitimate?
  4. Yes, it's proving very difficult. We did find a couple of lenders in precise and visa but the rates are high at 3.7%. I hope someone can suggest a place with a decent rate.
  5. My friend and his partner have never owned a property before and are both currently earning less that £25k, but jointly income is above £30k. I wondered if anyone here can advise which lenders would consider them? I know there are a few that offer FTB but the problem here is the income as most require at least £25k annual salary, even though they have a good amount of savings and can deposit upto £125k on a £250k house.
  6. is it possible to split the income even my wife isn't a joint owner? Or would i have to transfer ownership?
  7. First of all, big thanks to Rob, Rob & Russell for another great episode. I'm in a similar position to the caller today and wanted find out more about transferring property to spouse. I'm on a basic tax rate at the moment, but will be pushed into the higher rate by 2020. I think transferring ownership could be an excellent option for saving on tax, and wanted to know how this can be done practically. What is the process of equaling income? Is there a link on HMRC or anywhere where I can get some guidance? Also, for anyone that is looking to do this, stamp duty implications need to be considered, however, i'm unable to find out exactly how this is worked out and whether or not it'll affect me. So any help here will also be greatly appreciated.
  8. Just recently bought a buy to let and was wondering if there's any templates excel spreadsheets for profit & loss and cash flow?
  9. Hello all, So I've just complete my first investment property close to home in Northampton. I'm now thinking to look outside at areas that will be undergoing regeneration. I've heard the hype around nine elms which seems like a fantastic opportunity if you have the capital - unfortunately not in my case. So i'm thinking at areas outside of London. I'm still a newbie so apologies for the ignorance - it would be good to get your thoughts on promising areas to invest in. Cheers
  10. Hello all, Like many, I heard about the site through the podcast. It's great to be on here. Hopefully I can gain some valuable tips here and also share my experience as time goes on. I've wanted to invest in property for many years and I've finally managed to do so in my local town of Northampton. However, in the future I'd like to invest in areas that are undergoing more regeneration so hopefully I can pick up some good insights here. This looks pretty interesting but probably not something I can afford at this stage. Interesting nonetheless: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/kCvZ9a-yWzk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>