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  1. Hello guys, I am in a similar position to Petya, a BTL flat with a tenant on situ. The property was fully managed by the estate agent, however I do not wish to use their service, and they just sent me an invoice of 600£ for handing over the tenancy documentation. What do you think about that? can they charge that money and shall I pay it or shall the vendor cover it? any advice? I find it unreasonable to pay that amount of money to taking over a tenant on situ. Thanks. Jac
  2. hi Dil, do you mean a company that only collect rent ? if you are a high tax payer you will save by just paying 20% on corporation tax and leaving the funds in.
  3. dear all, what do you think of buying in such places, as IG Barking and Dagenham? Not the most beautiful areas, I agree, but we know these are the places that can still get some capital growth. And you can buy a house for less than 300k in London (or suburbs). To me sounds like they are just going to go up in price in the next decade, as no other options are left for first time buyer than to look into an affordable area as such. Also the district line or Cross Rail will connect you to London very well. What are your though
  4. dear all, I am not overly excited about buying a flat in Manchester city centre or Salford, hence I was looking at buying a house outside. I was thinking about Bolton (easy to commute to Manchester and more affordable houses) and Wigan ( High Speed infrastructure project approved). In Bolton I would go for a 3 bed house, 125k ish. Wigan is way cheaper, not sure what to target there. What do you think about these places? are yields good and is there rental demand to backup this long term investment? Don't be shy, if I am missing something and my ass
  5. I will find some better forums, no offence.
  6. Hi Nick ! not yet, and I was hoping to hear someone's opinion, next time I will register with a female name
  7. Hi everyone, I did read Rob book and found it very interesting, as I am now approaching to buy my 1st property in the UK. I moved to London 3 years ago and I am fed up with renting, to be honest. Hence I am doing my homework and gaining as much knowledge as possible to get my feet on the ladder! cheers, Jack
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