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  1. Hi Tim, I was pondering with this for a while as i had about that much liquid cash. Makes a lot more sense to go down the finance side and put deposits down then the rest on bridging, which is the way I'm looking at. My only question or concern is, once you have it refurbed and brought back to market value (taking that you bought it BMV), does the lenders valuer value it according to its last resale value which was what you bought it for, or will they look at the general market, as only then the strategy of refinancing and pulling your deposit back out makes sense... Some expertise o
  2. Thanks Phil, as you can see, this post was originally put out last year, and you may be glad to know, i didn't go to that 3 day seminar as a few others had said the same thing.... Thanks for your advice tho still!
  3. Hi all, Ive just bought ( Well have the sale going through) on my first BTL as a Apartment in a block built in 2004. It is situated right on the doorstep of all amenities, schools, and public transport and motorway commuter links. As it is my first, i just want a bit of reassurance that it is the right one. Im looking to keep titling term as it has a lease on it for over 900 yrs! It is furnished and doesn't really need anything doing to it. Should i requested it to be completed as unfurnished? What insurance should i do on it as its building i assume is covered by the servi
  4. Hi All. Just dropping a little message to thanks richard for his expertise. I didn't reply after posting the original message as soon after i had to deal with personal issues in private life that i had to overcome, but i am back here full force and ready to make some serious money from property and hopefully be at the stage where i can also help with knowledge gained in the future. Fir now, expect a lot questions and posts from me Thanks Dal
  5. Hi may name is Dal, I'm from Birmingham and am looking to begin my property investment/developer journey. I have no experience but have some skills in DIY. Im not sure which strategy to go with, interested in flips but also like the idea of buy renovate and hold. I guess I'm looking more to invest in my area, is that good or bad? In the next 5 years I'm going to have minimum 10 property portfolio but be financially free in the next 12 months. thanks for reading all. onwards and upwards Dal
  6. Hi, As you can see in the title, I'm about to start my journey in the world of property. I am planning to begin with buying then selling on for a profit to raise more capital as i am beginning with a private investors money. I am looking to go into BTL eventually, and do it it the HMO way. I am probably gonna post quite a bit and ask many questions that may sound silly and annoying but i wanna start the best way i can. Thanks! Dal
  7. hi, I've been interested in starting a property business for many years. flipping properties has always been the top of the list, but i would like to know from experienced developers what they suggest is better for 'making money'. i recently went to a free 2 hour seminar 'martin roberts - making money from property' and the upsell was to take a 3 day course where it will al be taught to you. they did mention in the seminar that doing buy to let is more financially better than flipping property. i just need some advice on that please. thanks
  8. hi there. just joined I'm interested in setting up a property portfolio and will be great for experienced advice.
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