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    Kirk Ireton
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    Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire
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    Owner of a luxury apartment-hotel business in Derby and Nottingham. Also own a small estate agency.
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    Looking to build a portfolio of luxury apartments for serviced apartment/BTL purposes
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    Commercial strategy, marketing, hotel management, estate agency
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    To sell our apartment-hotel business in 5-7 years and to build property ownership within it before then
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    My lovely family! Exploring the Peak District, watching and playing football and trying to get fit!

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  1. Hi Joe With regard to your question at the end of your response to me...Yes, I definitely think it's worth building relationships with the sales teams at house builders you work with. Not only might you be able to get an early indication of homes coming up for sale in the way we do as an agency, but we also have one customer who routinely buys the show homes from one particular developer right at the end of their tax year. They are desperate for a sale and he has liquid assets, able to complete in a couple of weeks. So if that's an option for you, you could get a pristine and furni
  2. Hi Joe It's great to read your story - my word, you've got a great future ahead of you with all that under your belt at 21 and a structured plan ahead. My background before owning a chain of apartment-hotels and also an estate/lettings agency in the past 9 years is that I spent 15 years in financial services, going from being an IFA (in the UK and offshore) to senior management roles designing and marketing credit cards, investments, savings, etc at big companies including Egg, Virgin, Saga, Barclaycard. So from that perspective (whilst caveating that I cannot give specific advice!
  3. Hi all For some reason I didn't get notifications about this thread and have just re-read it and seen the comments from Howard, Dun and Ariel. I'm just about to get my children ready for school and have meetings all day but I promise I'll contact you in the next couple of working days. Sorry for the delay - I genuinely didn't know you'd responded. If anyone wants to email me directly, please feel free to do so at carl.bridge@birchover.com Many thanks, Carl
  4. Hi Ross Great photos by the way! To give context to my answer, I own a chain of apartment-hotels (21 years old) and a small, but growing, 2 year-old estate/lettings agency in the East Midlands. Below are a couple of other ways we/our clients have sourced properties that I don't think are noted above. I talked about these and more at a property event last Thursday night and they were well received by the audience, given the feedback I had afterwards and on email since: 1. Keep in touch with new-build developers and look online to find out when their financial end-of-year
  5. Good morning Thomas The re-posting of your enquiry has rightly generated a lot of new interest in how you got on! I may be able to offer you a couple of additional options too, for consideration, if you're still considering your options - especially given the strong situation you're in with regard to your budget and ability to move quickly. Firstly, I own two businesses - one of which is a luxury apartment-hotel business. We operate in Derby, Nottingham and West Bridgford (affluent suburb of Nottingham). We opened the 'jewel in our crown' at Bridgford Hall in May 2017 a
  6. Hi Stevo Yes, I'm in full agreement with the 3 gentlemen above. My main reason for being on Property Hub is to build our apartment-hotel business (which has been going for 20 years in Derby and Nottingham) and even with the proliferation of these seminars (and I've been on one), property sourcing companies and books, it really does come down to having a few contacts (developers, landlords, agents) that you build trust in over a period of time. That's how we've steadily built our portfolio and I can honestly say that the 3 most recent deals we've done have been the most enjoyable be
  7. Hi Ginger et al Firstly, Ginger, I am really impressed at the level of thought that's going into building your portfolio - you are giving yourself a very thorough grounding across the whole spectrum of being a BTL landlord. The project planning background is coming through clearly from your posts!! I'm writing because I know the East Midlands well. I grew up in towns to the east of Nottingham and then, as an adult, have lived in Nottingham city centre, Derby and now just north of Derby in the Peak District. I now own a couple of businesses which operate in Nottingham a
  8. Hi James Firstly, I only joined a few weeks ago, so I understand if you've already moved on and/or made some purchases in Nottingham since posting over a year ago. I agree with what's been said above. My only word of caution, having lived in NG7 and in Nottingham city centre, is that the NG7 postcode is an incredible mish-mash of properties and tenants. This postcode includes The Park (very affluent semi-private estate on the edge of the city centre), Hyson Green (an area with some great yield opportunities but some poor quality rental stock too) and the area around Le
  9. Hi Katy Firstly, sorry for coming to this thread late...but I can hopefully help a little if you're still looking for some support. I only joined Property Hub a couple of weeks ago (and my main purpose on Property Hub is because I own a rapidly growing serviced apartment business and am here for that reason...to continually educate myself about trends in property and ways of growing our portfolio). However, we do also own a small estate agency with branches in Nottingham and Derby. Whilst we don't offer a formal property sourcing service, naturally we like to partner p
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