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  1. Hello everybody! I'm Soo from Singapore. Been listening to the podcasts and looking through the forum for a year now. Thought it's time to say hi! My partner and I will be coming to London to set up a ltd company this June. Can't wait to join all of you guys on this exciting journey! We will be travelling up to the North to meet up with potential power team members during the last week of June. Unfortunately, we are unable to attend the monthly meetups due to conflicting schedule. Have not really fixed our itinerary but most likely visiting Manchester, Li
  2. Hello lovely people! This forum has been such a useful find! I've learnt so much scouring through all the posts and I'm so glad to have found the podcast! My partner and I are intending to visit the North and hope that you guys can recommend any sourcing agents/estate agents in the Northern areas such as Glasgow, Hull, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham & Crewe as we will be investing remotely. Please feel free to comment or email me at sh.propportunity@gmail.com for a chat! Thank you so much! Cheers SH
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