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  1. A quick note on mortgages - I've just got a two year fix at 2.39% with Santander which permits holiday lets of up to 4 weeks. That was through a broker though, rather than on the high street. Richard, many thanks for sharing the case study, much appreciated. Serviced lets are definitely on my radar. Sarah
  2. Hi Tom, Aside from everything others have mentioned, particularly the photos and the general cramped feeling, the thing that jumps out at me is you're not making the most of the 'key features' feature. 30 mins from London, 2 x parking spaces, these are all major selling points. Hi spec kitchen with top end appliances? What's the security like? It looks like it's in a nice area, with the woods nearby and the river, is it 'quiet and peaceful yet only minutes from the M40?' Riverside walks? What's it like to actually live there? I've no idea from your ad. Personally I'd get rid of
  3. I know what you mean about time Nick, hence my tardy response, been working on the house all w/e... I hope your viewings went OK., did you get someone? Regarding DSS, to be honest that particular tenant group is probably outside of my comfort zone, also I'm going for a relatively high spec, partly to add value but also to be able to attract professional tenants. One of the conditions of my mortgage is that I can't let to DSS or students. I wouldn't be too bothered about students actually as they tend to come with guarantors who need to protect their credit history but it's out
  4. Only joking, of course they don't! Anyone refurbing in Leeds, try and get as much to the tip as possible before 5 Feb otherwise it's going to be up to £81.60 for a trailer full of plasterboard... https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/why-you-will-soon-be-charged-for-getting-rid-of-some-household-waste-at-leeds-rubbish-tips-1-8969369 Sarah
  5. Hi Nick, I know where you mean. I'm about 1/3 of the way through my refurb at the moment, hopefully the bathroom tiling will be finished this week so I can get the plumber back and have a toilet and sink again! I'm hoping to get tenants in before Easter although this may be wishful thinking... I'm very local, I live in Otley where I also have a 2 bed cottage which I bought in Nov and will hopefully have tenants moving in at the beginning of Feb. The first tenant bailed at the last minute, just days before Christmas,. It's a long story about listening to your gut f
  6. Hi Emily et al, I'm refurbing in Kirkstall as we speak. Sadly my all round joiner/builder type turned out to be less than reliable but I can recommend a brilliant electrician and roofer if you're still looking. Whereabouts are you all? I'm on Hawksworth Grove (which imo is just the right side of the Hawksworth estate!). Sarah
  7. Thanks Dil, that's reassuring. I am incredibly picky by nature! You're right about not panicking, this is why I am getting my panicking out the way now, working through all the different scenarios in my head. I'm in an area where it's near impossible to rent anything so logicallly I know I should be able to get good tenants anytime. It's just not ideal, also I was hoping to do block viewings to generate more interest. Anyway my ducks will remain lined up, the ad is already written, so I just need to get in and take some pics as soon as I get the key. Which will be
  8. With apologies in advance for bringing the dreaded C word up so early especially as I'm new around here - way to get moderated! I've just bought my first two investment properties (by chance in the same weekend, that was weird) - one is a project for the winter but the other is beautiful, all ready to let bar a replacement window, a new bathroom extractor fan and a PIV in the roof space. Worst case scenario it might be three weeks max from taking ownership to getting it on the market. The vendor's previous sale fell through and she was desperate to sell so as not to lose her prop
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