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  1. you're best looking for a local adviser in my experience, I haven't been impressed with the remote "specialists" I have tried
  2. I'm interested to know where people are investing, or planning to invest (once we're out of lockdown), outside of the Rob & Rob hotspots - I like to diversify. Personally, I like Swindon. An area I know a bit about, which helps, with a decent ROI thanks to good rental values and demand. Some potential for capital growth given it's location on the M4 corridor with prices lower than most neighbouring large towns. Now I'm looking for another town / city. Where are your favourites?
  3. There's still a question over whether RGI will pay in these circumstances. Direct Line for Business, for example, are not accepting claims at the moment as "there is no legal mechanism to process a claim", referring to the emergency laws introduced. On the plus side, they do provide a very useful template for a payment plan agreement, should the tenant fall into arrears (see Q1 under Landlord insurance). https://www.directlineforbusiness.co.uk/covid
  4. Your accountant should be able to set it up for you, mine did. As for interest rates, they will be higher but depends what you want. As an example, the last one I did was 5 yr fixed with no fees at 3.59. Find yourself a good mortgage adviser if you haven't already.
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