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  1. Hi, I am currently in the process of looking to move residential homes and would like to keep my current residential property as a BTL. I currently have a fixed rate mortgage with another 18 months left on the current property and I was wondering what would be my options/blockers for converting the fixed mortgage into a BTL? Thanks, Reece
  2. Thank you all for the advice, it is all very much appreciated. I am around £20,000 (12%) away from having 25% invested in the house at the price I bought at. The thinking being based on my improvements and market value in the area going up that increase in capital will provide the £20,000 I need for 25% equity. Now it's all about the saving over the next 3 half years for a new deposit on the next house. I will keep all of your advice in mind but for the time being whiling I'm saving I will just have to keep reading and listening to build my knowledge. Thanks, Reece
  3. I have bought my own home (3 bed semi) on with a 5 year fixed rate mortgage back in the beginning of 2018, now around 18 months into the 5 years. My plan for my first BLT property is to remortgage this house into a BLT mortgage, and extract the capital as part of the deposit on my new home. I am concerned that because I have committed to a 5 year fixed rate mortgage, I am not sure if I can remortgage or change to a BLT mortgage without paying excessive fees. Having just listened to TPP064 about mortgages, I now see the error of my ways in committing to a 5 year fixed and not weighing up
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