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  1. Hi Michelle, I operate in Glasgow but i am familiar with the West Lothian market having owned a letting agents there for 7 years. Its very wise to only invest in your local area. Its the best strategy in my opinion. On the other hand i hope your current tenant doesn't get too demanding. My experience is things can go easily wrong and there is nothing worse than falling out with family. So be careful. Make sure your boiler gets serviced every year lol. David
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. I would bet that most people would respond like this. I would offer a wee smidgen of advice and suggest people view the accumulation of property wealth with other things in mind. Most people are fed up in their daily work. They want to give up their job. The first thing i would consider is family and friends. You cannot buy time. Time is the most precious thing you can ever have. I know some people who work 16 hrs a day, 7 days a week. They may be successful in their business but not in their lives. In may cases its not your actual job you do not like
  3. Zhakir, Do you have 50K in cash for deposits or a total of £50K to purchase? There are some areas of Glasgow and Lanarkshire you could still buy for 15K. So in theory you could get 3 properties achieving £1050 in rent. Increase in capital would be speculative though. If you have cash that may be a way. Lenders don't normally lend on property below a certain amount so if you had 50K cash this may be an option. The alternative if you had £50k cash would be to buy 5 properties at £50K with 20% deposit. This would mean a rental income of around £450 per
  4. Some form of back to back transaction probably.
  5. I am coming back to property after pressing the pause button for about 9 years. I was heavily involved in forums and groups the first time round and am intrigued by the current posting topics. They are exactly the same as pre 2008. People are desperate to accumulate property. To find the Holy Grail of sourcing cheap BMV property and will do and believe anything to help them in their quest. I started when i was 17. I ended in 2008 with 600 before the banks took them back. During that journey i pretty much did the same things, went the same places and bought the same shoe
  6. Hi, I am joining the forum and would like to introduce myself. My name is David and am from Glasgow. I am looking to share stories and experiences and maybe offer some help to those who are starting a property journey. Things have changed but principles are the same. To get to the bit that is relevant i am/was/are a property person and have been for nearly 30 years. The short story is this. I was brought up in a council estate. I bought my first home at 17. I eventually owned 600 (six hundred) properties by 2007. I also owned a chain of letting agents, estate agents,
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