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    I did my degree in Film and Television Studies, I then went into agriculture which has since evolved into commercial development and letting.
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    Commercial letting and development. Residential Buy-to-let and HMOs.
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    Very Organised and a keen user of systems. I have experience in planning developments as well as managing people and materials.
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    I enjoy my work currently and see property as a challenging area to learn and work in. Long term I want to have a wide spread of buy-to-let investments, including student lets and HMOs. My dream is to donate a proportion of rental income to animal and wildlife charities around the world.
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    I enjoy keeping healthy with nice food and the gym as well as country walks with four legged friends.

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  1. Hi Mark, Thank you very much for this, I shall check it out and hopefully some better luck next time! All the best, Tristan
  2. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone out there is an independent letting/managing agent? What I mean by this is, just you working as self employed to manage and let a number of properties? I ask because I have always struggled with letting agents as I find them very casual, poor communicators and put simplest just plain unprofessional. Just my experience. I would be interested to know what qualifications I should consider and how best to get started out on my own? How to convince people to entrust me with their most valuable asset. I already manage my own residential pr
  3. Hello all, As we are nearly half way through the year I have been both reflecting on the last 6 months and thinking forward to the next. With the the freeze in the market over the last few months I feel as though we maybe experiencing a mini bounce with some pent up demand and a lack of supply. As the government continues to support business with the furlough scheme until the end of October a large part of the economy is still on ‘vacation’. An amusing analogy I have recently come across - ‘Restarting business from a standstill is tricky, you need to hope you have the
  4. Hello, I have 1 property in Crewe and know other people that also have property there. I am sure they would agree with me that demand is good. In ‘normal’ times you could go onto Rightmove and see that property to rent listing oldest first wasn’t very old, this indicates high demand as property didn’t hang around for long. My property (2 bed terraced) let in less than a week of being on the market a year ago. I don’t know anyone with HMO’s in Crewe, but as this is your first investment I would recommend a single let. Recent times have proved how solid and reliable an investment a good ol
  5. Evening all, Just wondering if anyone has used the PropertyData website and if it was useful? I have come across the advert in the NRLA Magazine. I see you get 14 days free trial and would be particularly interested in the Live Maps and Local Data. Has anyone picked anything up they otherwise might not have when using the site? Thanks in advance Tristan
  6. You are quite right I completely overlooked the calculation at 5.5% my mistake I was too focused on an actual rate. You are right and it does make everything quite tight. In that case it would seem as though option 2 would be more desirable as it is more closely aligned with the goal of generating income whilst reducing borrowing and making for a less risky portfolio. Topslicing is interesting and I view it as a potential contributing factor in people getting things seriously wrong when they have a change in circumstance such as loosing their job. Thanks a lot for your advi
  7. Hi Stuart, thanks for your thoughts. 200k mortgage at 2.5% would be £417pcm in interest payments and with some lenders looking for the monthly rent to cover 145% of mortgage payments it should work. On a 5 year fixed (although this maybe too long) I don’t believe that calculation is used. A good point about values not increasing enough to make releasing equity a viable option, Im not sure it would be an issue as I believe the rent calculations do work. It could be down to strategy, option 1 would be for capital gains and option 2 more towards generating an income.
  8. Hello all, Looking for thoughts/advice on this: Situation: main residence in the south east with a mortgage. Property value circa 285k equity circa 85k We want to relocate within the south east but closer to work and family. It’s likely our next main residence would cost circa 350k max. We have done some renovations on this property over the last 2 years and estimate a profit of about 15k within that 85k equity. I currently have 1 BTL property in the North West and our aim is to replace my partners income with rental income. Jointly we have cash savings of 60k Option 1: (a
  9. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone who manages there own properties in Crewe has any recommendations for a handyman? I need a man with a hand, or two, to unblock a patio drain. Very frustrating problem as the tenant can’t do it themselves. Hopefully an easy job but one which could be made awkward by the wrong person so reliable first hand recommendations only please. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello, I think if you are unsure of which letting agent to use make a call list of the agents in your chosen area. You can get this info from Zoopla and rightmove easily. Then just call them all and ask for their advice on the market in general, specific areas, property types etc you should get a feeling from this to which agents are helpful and most knowledgable. You would also benefit from starting a relationship early, then during your property search you could ping the links over to the letting agent and get their opinion on the property and how it might let and what it might let for
  11. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could offer any recommendations on a gas safe engineer to carry out a boiler inspection on a property in Crewe. Ideally local to Crewe would be best. I always prefer working off a recommendation in terms of good communication, competent and reasonably priced. Thanks in advance, Tristan
  12. Hi, I had not heard of property tracker, I shall have to check that out, thanks. I think a good old fashioned phone call to the agent and ask the relevant questions to determine the reason of sale would be the best way. As you say you identify the ones you think are likely to be motived sellers and then call. Good luck
  13. Hi there, I am also interested in this topic, especially how to do it best in areas that are not local to me. I have tried to establish relationships with EA but so far have only met 'young guns' with little knowledge and agencies with high staff turnovers. Currently I use alerts on rightmove and zoopla to identify properties within my criteria and location, then compare those to nearby sold prices, following that calling the agent and finding out the position of the vendor. I also find Property Bee very useful for organising rightmove quickly and reducin
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