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  1. No, I closed the co. But I had decided before that I didn’t want to invest via a ltd co because I don’t want loads of properties (I was told by an accountant it wasn’t worth using ltd unless I was planning on having at least 6 properties - other people May have a different view). There are various ways to get your money out inc. paying up to 10k p.a. into a pension fund, gifting shares to your souse who May be a lower rate tax payer. I don’t think it would have been a problem to switch the company over though either. Best thing is to talk to an accountant. H
  2. Hi All, Firstly, I absolutely love the podcasts, the forum and the meet ups - you're all keeping me motivated to continue investing - so thanks very much! I've been contracting via my own personal services limited company for the last 14 years but have just taken a permanent job. I've got some cash in my company and am not sure what to do with the company now. I am pondering whether I should close it and take the cash out or change the type of business into a property investment company, de-resgister for vat and use the cash to buy rental property? My permanent salary
  3. Hi, I've been listening for nearly a year now and love your presentation styles and how you make the information easy to understand and enjoyable to listen to - thank you. I recently read some news reports where the Labour Party said if they form a government they would look at rent controls. I took that to mean putting caps on the maximum a person could pay in rent. I would like to your your opinion on whether that's likely, how they might implement it and what impact it may have on the rental market. Thank you. Helen
  4. Hi, I've had 3 rental properties for 15 years and kind of got stuck at 3, buying more just seemed to freak me out. I've just sold 2 of them and then started wondering why, although I've made money and had some good holidays out of it. A couple of months later my friend from California happened to be running a property course (she's been investing there for 23 years) and to my surprise it helped me get over my mental block and I'm excited and not freaked out now about re-investing in property. I think I got stuck because I didn't really set my goals properly so I was really int
  5. Hi Carol, I've just joined the property hub and have read your conversations above with interest. I've had 3 properties rented out for the last 15 years and have had a fair turnaround of tenants. I was nervous when I first started about what the tenants would be like so I've always used a letting agent to find and vet them and to manage the properties. In all that time I've only had one young girl who left without paying her last month's rent but I still had her deposit so I kept that. The agents do 6 month inspections, send me photos and advise if anything needs attention. So you
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