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  1. HI, i'm looking to invest in Doncaster too. Do we know if there is a watsapp group tailor for investing in the area. Know there is one for other towns in the country. Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm looking to do a online course on property refurb. want to learn about planning, license,building reg, process of fitting bathroom,kitchen. Looking for a intermediate level onwards. Any pointers would be appreciated. Keung
  3. Hi Paul, Happy New Year first of all. You have more than enough funds for deposit/legal/mortgage/surveyor fees. Also the hardest part! I feel the next part is speak to an accountant and mortgage advisor to structure your property plans to be more tax efficient ( presuming you want to grow your portfolio). Once you know whats best to do then get a mortgage in principle so you have the confidence knowing you have the funds to purchase the property, your agent would want that too if your offer is accepted. Most mortgage brokers have accountants and solicitors they work closely wit
  4. Advice what I got varies even from a tax accountant that specialist in trading. So spreadbetting in UK is tax free. CFD and FX isn't really (grey area) It dependson few factors, one being if its your sole income and it's normally taxable when it hits £60k plus in profit. But 70% of traders lose money, so will HMRC allow traders to make their losts tax deductible? Easiest way is to set up a LTD company and post your P&L. This allows your lender to see your income and salary you pay yourself. Open a LTD company already as it needs to be trading for 1 year minimum before we can ac
  5. Can someone point me in the right direction on this grey topic. I'm a full time forex/CFD trader and want to use the profit to invest in property (BTL-refurb-refinance). How do I present this as income. Spreadbetting is classified as gambling but forex/CFD isn't and I been told it tax free if sole income up to around £60K profit for the year. Have set up a company already as I know it needs 1 years trading history minimum before I can make the property purchase Will provide more info if needed. Keung
  6. Hi Cameron, What ways have you tried to secure deals. -Do you have a website ( provides credibility) -Speak to smaller independent agents more likely to ask for less reference and willing to work with start ups -Have you decided which is the area your going to target and the profit margins are?
  7. HI Sohpiag95, When deciding on purchasing I would always ask myself whats your long term goal. With share ownership, do you intend to buy more of the share and eventually own the whole property? The reason I ask is if you decide to sell in the future , share ownership is not an easy sell, your buyers are restricted. However it does get yourself on the ladder and I think we are still 2/3 years from a major price dip (depend on what research you read) so you may be able to benefit from a price rise. One thing I dislike about share ownership is the
  8. HI MCfry, I would find my power team then ask myself what am I investing for, yield, capital growth and who am I renting too. !) Research on Rightmove and Zoopla to find out the prices of 3 bed in a desirable area and see if my finances work out 2) Then make a list of solicitors, mortgage brokers to contact and decide which one you want to work with and can help an individual making a purchase abroad. IE expat mortgages 3)Speak to estate agents/Council and ask if them whats the process and fees to apply for a HMO License 4)Then few we
  9. Thanks for the reply Richard, When buying with another person would the lending criteria be stricter, ie the salary or deposit needs to be higher?
  10. Hi, Both myself and my friend are looking to make our first property/ BTL investment. What are the lending requirements that lenders look for when there are 2 buyers instead of one. And are there any additional things we need to be aware of? Thanks Keung
  11. Hello, I'm keen to get started in property investing. Have a 5 year plan to gain £2000 net rental income a month. From my research I won't be able to get a HMO mortgage without a minimum of 6 months as a BTL landlord. So would it be correct for me to get a low cost BTL that generates positive cash flow then get a HMO property later. Have little saving and £25k salary, whats everyone's ideas on raising a deposit using 0% interest credit card? Also parents have 1 rental property with no debt attached to it and would like to invest in another property, ho
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