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  1. Thanks for your reply Damien. That's very helpful
  2. Hi all, One of my properties has an old fashioned gas fire and back boiler downstairs in the lounge. I'll be doing a bit of renovation work there when my tenant moves out next year, so I was after some advice as to what others have done in the same situation. The boiler works and is checked every year for the gas certificate, but the fire is disconnected as it wasn't working. Heating is all done through gas and wall radiators. My thoughts were to remove it all and get a combo boiler upstairs or in the kitchen to replace it. Then it's a toss up of whether I board up and keep the mantle place area blank, or replace with another electric or gas fire in the lounge. Happy for any comments and suggestions, or problems that this might cause that I'm missing. Thanks in advance.
  3. Great, informative thread. Just found it, thanks folks
  4. Jac

    Form 17

    I sent mine last week, so it sounds like I'll have to be patient
  5. Like many property investors I'm considering buying my future properties through a limited company following the tax relief on mortgage interest. I'm just uncertain due to the smaller market and apparent higher cost of lending. I have come across some suggestions that you can : Take a normal BTL mortgage out as an individual for the purchase, then signing a declaration of trust that it is owned on behalf of the limited company. All rental income and transactions then go through the company. Is anyone doing this or able to advise on the process? Many thanks
  6. I am also interested to see what people think as I'm considering the same thing
  7. I've heard/read that it's possible to transfer existing properties to a limited company from sole name and keep their mortgages by doing it through a trust. Anyone heard much about this? I suppose we are all now considering Ltd given the proposed taxation changes!
  8. Thanks Wes. Out of interest, what type of properties to you hold? The fundamentals were what attracted me, as the transport links seem fantastic. I can empathise with the caution, there does seem a lot of uncertainty in the pipeline. Thanks for your response.
  9. Thanks for sharing that Jason. All very useful. It sounds like a smart strategy. I'm sure there are greater yields in getting cheaper and undesirable properties, but your approach will minimise voids and should lead to greater capital growth. Many thanks
  10. Hi Jason, Thanks for the response. What type of properties do you have there? What are the goods like between tenancies? I tend to favour 2-3 bed houses as the service charge and consent to let end up eating too much in to profits. Re: tax changes. I'm fortunate that I can split the portfolio between my wife and I so the changes aren't as make or break for us. Still annoying though! Thanks again
  11. Hello everyone, I've started looking at branching out to invest in Northamptonshire as it seems I can get a lot more for my money there and the yields seem better than my normal patch in Bucks. Anyone in the hub doing things in these areas? Just wondering what the market is like? Which areas and properties are working well for you and which should be avoided? Many thanks for any opinions and insights.
  12. Thanks for all these insights, Mark, Stuart and Damian. I gather that it suggests once again why having the right broker working for you is well worth the cost. Thanks for taking the time to reply
  13. Is it realistic to get a mortgage within the 28 day time restraint?