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  1. Hi Jon, Not found one yet. But will message you separately to connect. Chris
  2. Hi Ayns, Thanks for your response and advice. I am planning on investing close to where I live for the reason you mentioned as I'm looking to flip. But I wanted to establish and understand whether my area is good for investment, as opposed to say an area which might give better opportunity but is an extra 5 miles down the road. Is it worth it type thing. So have been looking at the county areas around me, so not the whole country. But its also just an interest of what others look for in an investment area and what they consider the main metrics to look for etc. But know that everyone is different. Great work on the 3 refurbs. Where there any key metrics you looked for in the vicinity that made you settle for a location 5 mile away? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm Chris, I'm enquiring about finding a mentor for my journey into property investing (fix & flip), primarily to have discussions on my next steps, what I should be focussing and general guidance on a informal basis. Based on the Surrey/Kent border and am happy to provide my skills in exchange. I do a lot of data analytics and model building in Excel, cash flow analysis etc. as well as use Python to web scrape, analyse data and build interactive maps. If anyone is interested or could suggest how I could find a great mentor, it would be much appreciated. Thanks. Chris
  4. Hi, I'm Chris, I'm an accidental LL but have always had an interest in property. Have recently decided I want to make my first property investment, to fix and flip. However still need to decide where I would like to do this. I'm curious as to what other people look for in an investment area for a fix & flip strategy. I've got a number of ideas from price growth, population, crime rate, stock availability, avg. time spent on market etc. but wanted to see if I was missing any key metrics that I could look into. Although I've gathered some of this data and started to put it all onto a visual map of County areas. I'm planning to also utilise Property Data .co.uk as well as I know they have a vast amount of useful data on there too. Any pointers on investment area criteria would be appreciated. Thanks. Chris
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