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  1. Hi T J, Thank you very much! I've actually discovered I was a member since back in 2014 - however I was only ever having a 'quick look around'. I'm definitely catching up on the education side of things... listened to about 80 podcasts but lots still to listen to! Thanks for the comment and like you say, i'll post some updates as and when I have some
  2. Hi Jack, Ah amazing, good luck! Where are you studying? Are you going straight into it or what was your career before? Well done buying your first property . That would be great, my email is helena-parker@hotmail.co.uk if that's easier. Helena
  3. Hi Rafael, Thanks so much for such a detailed response. I agree, it was a big decision about whether to do the masters or just stay in my job and save up until I could go into it full-time. Hopefully i've made the right decision! We've had a big think about that and the 'goal' is for £3k monthly income after tax. I'm aware I will need numerous houses to achieve that but like you say it should be easier to build the portfolio as it gets bigger! I will have a good look into a good mortgage broker and conveyancer thanks, would you recommend getting ones based near the property yo
  4. Hi, I'm 27 and have just given up a career in physiotherapy. In a couple of weeks I will be going back to university to study a Masters in Real Estate. This is a one year course, then after 2 years of working I can sit an exam which if I pass become a chartered surveyor. I realise this drastic change isn't essential but I couldn't face the thought of working as a physio with limited available progression in the long-term. I thought for a little sacrifice (a years hard work and no pay) it will be worth it in the end! I'm hopeful that working around property on a daily basis will not
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