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  1. Hi Richard, Many thanks for your response it's greatly appreciated, as you can probably relate to, when starting out in the world of property there is a lot of information to sift through and it often puts you off actually starting! From what you outlined above, the mix and match approach is definitely the route I am looking to go down as I do like to keep myself busy with a few projects. I guess now it is a case purchasing said properties and how I go about that. Would you recommend buying a block of flats or a portfolio over going out there and finding say
  2. Hi All, I am 26 years old and new to the property investment game. I recently sold my share in a digital marketing business in December of last year for £1.2m and am looking to use those funds to invest in property in order to provide myself with a monthly income (Target £5k p/m eventually). However, given my personal circumstances I am technically currently "Unemployed" and am struggling to get finance as I not receiving any monthly income. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this situation and how the overcame it? Any advice would be hugely
  3. Hi, My name is Matthew, I'm 26 from Cheshire and I am taking my first steps into Property Investment after selling my Digital Marketing business in December of last year. So far I have purchased a 3 bed mid-terrace in Crewe (CW1) at auction for £65,000 and am currently in the process of refurbishing (Estimated cost £10k) and am hoping to then sell for around £100,000. The reason for me "flipping" the first property is am struggling to get finance due to my lack of income after selling my previous business - has anyone had experience of this and what is the best way around it?
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