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  1. Unfortunately until the holiday or reduction (if any) is announced we would all just be speculating.
  2. If not in the same ownership before sale then this may be relevant https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/stamp-duty-land-tax-manual/sdltm29930
  3. I would have thought the leaseholds were subsumed into the freehold as all owned by the same person(s) and therefore the leases ceased to exist as such?
  4. And holdover relief only available on trading company shares, although there is a way to do it via a trust. You really need to seek proper advice.
  5. This only works for gifts after your child turns 18, it is ineffective before (generally speaking) in addition, BTL lenders tend to blow a gasket if there are shareholders who are under 21.
  6. they could and yes it was a typo you really do need to take advice from your accountant that is specific to your situation
  7. if property in an SUV then mortgage needs to be in the name of the spv
  8. you can amend your 18.19 return any time up to 31 January 2021 and shouldn't cause any issues to do so in fact if wrong you should amend it
  9. 1. If you add her before the remortgage via a declaration of trust the consideration for SDLT would be 50% of £70k which is below the £40k threshold. 2. See above 3. Her 50% would be the increase in value from date of gift by you. Your 50% will be half of original cost with some private residence relief. The gift now should be covered by ppr as you have only recently moved out. 4. You each calculate your share separately. Deb
  10. then you should be fine as long as you don't sell the garden after the house
  11. Both of those fine if the total is less than 1.1 acres. Deb
  12. If you got married first your second question could work!
  13. Sell the cheaper house to a limited company first Deb
  14. You could do a sale and leaseback arrangement and transfer the freehold reversion out to you personally to avoid the need for another company?
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