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  1. No but wife could own 1% and be taxed on 50% of the income under the 50:50 default spit for jointly owned property
  2. Sorry not sure what you mean?
  3. There is no charge to SDLT but do you mean use your Mother's IHT allowance?
  4. Possibly a deed of variation to the will to the limited company
  5. For all the income to be taxed in the company you would need to transfer the asset to the company
  6. As long as you are entitled to a UK personal allowance yes this works but you cannot deduct the mortgage interest when comparing against the £12500
  7. Unfortunately not as you are not replacing your residence.
  8. Wife has to own 100% for 100% of the income to go to wife
  9. Correct, no return required if consideration less than £40k but in these circumstances you would not pay SDLT as long as half the mortgage was under £125k
  10. Even a large refurb can often be offset against income rather than CGT
  11. you self assess for stamp duty based on intention to occupy I would claim the relief
  12. legal ownership is registered title hmrc work on beneficial ownership so if you are changing via a declaration of trust you are changing the beneficial ownership not the legal ownership