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  1. Thanks Luise, I'll try to make it down in the near future.
  2. Hi Richard [big fan], Thank you for your response. I should have specified that I run my own business which allows me to work remotely so having a number of ongoing projects is not too much of an issue and quite similar to my primary career. I completely take on board your points of staggering the projects and having them close together...I will look into the numbers and also see if a delayed completion is possible on one of the projects which would be helpful. Thanks again.
  3. I am contemplating running 2 developments at once in the same area. My wife will kill me and my bank balance will be stretched for 6-8 weeks until I complete the refurbishments but I wanted to see whether anyone else has done this while having a full time job. Any advice here would be much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for your response Marion. I will try to get down to a meet soon.
  5. Hi Marion, please let mw know how you got on? I have just purchased in Rumney, Cardiff.
  6. Hi Kevin, Thank you for your response, I am a HUGE fan who has listened to a number of your interviews. Yes I received a "Reinstated Cost" which I now realise is the renovated value of the property. I have done the amount of work that I presented in the schedule (if not more) so should achieve my intended value. Thank you for your help and I hope that your health in doing well.
  7. Ok thank you Lee, does it have to be from another surveyor or is an estate agent suitable?
  8. Thank you Haf, I will prepare my pack now and ensure that I am present at the valuation.
  9. Hi Ollie, Thanks for noticing my error, I have invested in Crewe recently with a refurbishment project which already has done very well. I am going to spend some time on right move looking at Edinburgh, I always feel that uncertainty brings opportunities which is very exctiing.
  10. Let me know how you get on with this please. I was thinking that if Scotland leave the UK and remain in the EU their housing market could really increase.
  11. I am coming to the end of my first BTL renovation which I used a Bridge To Let product through Precise but now have the dreaded valuation which I need for refinancing. What I like to like to know is whether I should Dress the property and which appliances I should have in the property. I have read other topics online that recommend a description of the works, invoices and pictures but it would be good to great to find out if should have furniture present for the valuation? Thank you in advance.
  12. I used my LNPG discount at Magnet today for a kitchen and must say that the discount is huge, not only that the help received from their team is priceless for someone like me. I cannot recommend them enough.
  13. I will definitely let you know how I get on, I am based in London which will make dealing with Tradespersons more difficult. I like the potential and price range of Crewe so will try to get a couple places there before looking elsewhere.
  14. I agree with you, I am very much viewing property in general a long term investment so will reinvest all income back into the business. I must that walking around Crewe its has at least 10 years to go before making a huge increase in capital growth.
  15. Hi James, I have 3 companies visiting the property next week to quote me on the work then I will decide who to use dependent on availability and price of course. I will let it as a single let as I am time poor. Hopefully the work will be completed in 6-8 so that I can refinance and move onto my next venture. Are you solely looking at Crewe?
  16. Hi, I have just exchanged on a 3 Bedroom End of Terrace in CW1 for 80k which had been repossessed, I plan to spend 15-20k on the refurbishment then refinance at 120k. I am a bit worried about the time that it will take to let the property out but do feel that its a great long term investment given HS2. I'll let you know how I get on.
  17. Nice to meet you both, I am in the process of buying in Cheshire and would like recommendations on Builders if possible?
  18. Hi There, I am someone who has been fascinated with property investment for a long time but finally took the steps in October of last year. I currently have a Residential property in Hertfordshire which was purchased for £365,000 in October but now worth £450,000 after a refurb. I then purchased my wife's Right To Buy property for £53,000 in Tottenham but is currently worth £150,000 although my understanding is that we'll be unable to re-mortgage the property for 5 years which is fine as our goals are very much long term. I have a career that enables me to save £25,000 a year to invest in
  19. Hi Jayne, Thank you for your response and lovely to meet you. I have taken on board your advice which is most hopeful and will consider them in depth, I very much a long term plan to solely rely upon an income from property within the next 10 years. I have followed you on twitter and will stay in touch. Thanks Zeon
  20. Hi, My name is Zeon and I am from North London. I have been fascinated with property for a number of years but never had the courage, credit or finances to being investing. After years of watching the Homes Under The Hammer, I discovered the Property Podcast which gave me a more rounded view of the complexities of the Housing Market, I have also read some books which have been really helpful. At 29, I now have a stable career so have started to look into purchasing a 2 bedroom buy to let property in Hertfordshire. I plan to build a portfolio of at least 10 properties in 10 years so ne
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