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  1. Hi, The principle still applies that you should not pay upfront. Its possible he's had his fingers burnt before with customer's not paying - so its a method of protecting himself but its really not good practice and I would say avoid! If you're caught between a rock and a hard place though I guess it comes down to a matter of judgement whether or not you can trust him? Have you checked references with his previous customers? Ask for the numbers of his last 3 clients and check with them that they were satisfied with his work, costs etc good luck
  2. Hi Speaking as a builder - do not pay upfront! We always ensure a contract is agreed to protect both us the builder and you our clients! As Alastair mentioned the contract should be appropriate to the scale of the project with agreed payment terms - monthly, fortnightly or on stage payments for given milestones etc. These should be set out together with a full breakdown of costs, what drawings / specifications the works are based on should any changes be made etc. The JCT Home Owners contract is a good starting point for most domestic refurbishment works. I wouldn't trust t
  3. Hi Steve yes both properties are for sale and can now be found on rightmove: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-72171925.html https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-72110308.html You can contact me directly by email at david.g@franklin-gilmore.com, or by phone on 07725 552842 Kind Regards David
  4. Hi Gordon Just wondered if you'd had chance to review the properties and had any thoughts on the deals? Kind Regards David
  5. Hi Gordon The properties are in Grimsby. Property details are as follows. Please also see attached lettings brochures and floor plans. 83 Abbey Road - Victorian terrace in a conservation area. 5 bed, 4 bath Asking price - £295,000 Annual rental income - £30,900 Annual bills - £6,422 Net yield - 8.44% 161 Welhome Road - Victorian Semi detached. 6 bed, 6 bath Asking price - £230,000 Annual rental income - £34,800 Annual bills - £7,291 Net yield - 11.96% Both properties have 100% occupancy. Please let
  6. Hi We have a couple of high yielding (8-10%) 6 bed HMO’s for sale and wonder where is the best place to find suitable potential buyers? So far they are ‘listed’ off the book with a local agency as we don’t want to go full public sale so as not to scare away the tenants. Any recommendations or thoughts on this? Should we just list on Rightmove? thanks David
  7. Hi I haven't posted before but would like to find potential buyers for either or both of our 2 HMO's we hold in Grimsby. We are a construction company and purchased the properties 2-3 years ago, fully renovated them and are now looking to sell them to provide capital for our other business ventures. They are a 5 bed/ 4 bathroom and a 6 bed/ 6 bathroom with net yields of 8.4 & 11.9% with asking prices of £290k & £230k respectively. Both are fully tenanted with working professionals, and are fitted out to a high standard. If anyone is interested please DM me for more details,
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