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  1. Thanks for the replies. I can't see the agent offering quite that level of service! The property is now 'let agreed' to a gentleman who is at the end of a relationship and is moving in once their house sale has completed. The agents have pencilled a move in date for this week but can't tell me a completion date for the sale, and so "..it might not be until the following week." It's a long time since I sold a house but am I correct in thinking they would have a completion date at this point? Should I give the agent an ultimatum with a move in date, and change agents if this isn't met?
  2. Hi Vin, Thanks for your reply. I contacted the agent yesterday and a proposed tenant has just passed referencing. Hurrah! Although he is waiting to complete on a house sale (next week) before moving in. Fingers crossed! I couldn't see it on Rightmove but the pics look fine on the agent's website and it is now marked as Let Agreed: https://www.austinwyatt.co.uk/rent/search/lytchett-matravers-dorset/page-1/pricing-monthly/ If nothing happens by next week then I think it's time to consider other agents.
  3. Hi, I have a 2bed FF flat near to Poole in Dorset which was due to become vacant on the last day of December 2020. The agents were notified mid November but still no tenants. Has Covid affected tenant movements this much or should I change agent? The property received a 12k makeover prior to the previous tenancy and is in great condition. Rent was £775pcm, set nearly 2yrs ago, and the agent advised marketing at £925! There have been a number of viewings but not into double figures, and the rent is now advertised at £825. All thoughts appreciated? Or any agent recommendations?
  4. Hi Tim, Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. The Worcester is tempting as they do offer a very long warranty, and I do intend to keep hold of the property. A little more research and final chats with plumbers to go. Regards Peter
  5. Hi Paul, Thanks for your advice and info. I'll look in to the Ideal Logic Plus and have a chat with the plumber. Much appreciated. Regards Peter
  6. Can anyone offer advice on boiler specification when installing a new combi? As part of a refurb on a 2bed flat I am intending on replacing the rather antiquated boiler, and removing the hot water tank and associated parts. A plumbing & heating engineer (recommended by a friend) has priced to install a new Worcester (32 CDi Compact) Combi boiler, which all seems fine, however, following subsequent conversations with another plumber it seems that Worcester are the Rolls Royce of boilers and he recommends something much more keenly priced for a rental property. Now,
  7. Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated Kylie, and Tim (Wow!), that's a lot of information and exactly what I needed. Really good to see each step written down. Thanks Tim. Will you be attending the The Property Investor & Homebuyer Show by any chance?
  8. Hi Tom, Sounds very organised. Can you offer any advice on solicitors to use for lease / contract agreements in a Rent to Rent scenario? Also, similar to Nick's question above, how do you find owning and managing a business from a distance? I've always found the need to be present to keep things progressing, but would love to be able to be free to explore other opportunities and interests, while taking more of a back seat. Are you in Portsmouth very often? Or are you going to the Property Investor Show at London ExCel by any chance? Rgds Peter
  9. Hi, I have a two bed flat with a very happy LHA tenant in situ. Unfortunately the managing agent is proving to be increasingly unsatisfactory. I would like to self manage, which I have done in the past, but I haven't had any dealings with LHA bodies before. Can anyone offer any advice on how to efficiently dispense with the services of the current letting agent, and what I would need to do to ensure the payments are made directly to me? The tenant is as frustrated with the poor service of the agent as I am, and is happy to go down this route, as long her tenancy isn't jeopardised. She
  10. Thanks guys, much appreciated. The windows are less than 10 years old, so I'm hoping they will be ok for a while yet. I've arranged to meet with the tenant to assess the issue, and to meet the man that can. Hopefully we can establish a plan of action. Thanks again. Peter
  11. My tenant, who has always been very helpful and cooperative in the 7 months of her tenancy, has reported 2 windows to be very draughty, one of which is the bathroom window which needless to say could make things a bit nippy this time of year. I have said that I would assess the issue this week, however, the very kind tenant has suggested that her friend 'does windows', has some hinges, which apparently are the offending parts, and could fit them, no problem. Obviously this would save me time, and at least one 120 mile round trip but, it always gives me an uneasy feeling when somebody's
  12. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I've consulted other other risk assessment providers in my area, which actually are nearer to £200, but do seem very comprehensive! I hadn't heard of this before but it seems a sensible (and necessary legal) precaution, so I'll go ahead with it this week. Better safe than sorry, for all concerned. Thanks again for your info. Kind regards Peter
  13. Hi, I have received the email from my agent (see below) requesting a 'Legionella Risk Assessment', is this something new? Just wondered if anyone else is having this done? "Dear Pete RE: Legionella Risk Assessment Due to changes to the Approved Code of Practice which tells you how to comply with the law in this area, it is required that all rental properties must have had a Legionella Risk Assessment. We regret that this places yet another burden upon the Landlords but as a professional management agency we can not ignore compliance issues, particularly in r
  14. Hi, Does anyone have experience with 'Orders for possession and Court costs'? I've recently had to ask for a 'Request for Possession Order and Costs' against a tenant which is costing £280. The County Court Judge has ordered the defendant (the tenant) to give up possession and pay costs of £330 to the claimant (me). The property is managed by an agent who has been pretty good in managing a tenant who could be a lot more helpful, however, before I broach the subject to them of the awarded costs, I wondered if anyone can offer their experiences in this area? My question is: Shoul
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