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  1. Darren's points are very valid however I wouldn't rule out bridging entirely. Yes it costs but it also allows you to tie up less capital meaning there is more chance you could potentially do more projects at once so yes more cost but potential for more profit in the same time frame. Obviously this really depends on buying at the right price just like any flip regardless of funding strategy. I recently spent the weekend with Kevin Wright on his course to learn more about bridging and it has certainly opened my eyes to exactly what can be done with bridging finance on the right proje
  2. Hi all, Looking for advice from people with experience in making BMV offers for flipping as this will be the purpose of my first project. What I'm really trying to determine here is a realistic conservative value for the below property example. Until I come to a clue I can't begin coming up with an offer price and sourcing potential finance options. Any opinions or just general advice to make the determining value process easier will all be welcome and greatly appreciated. About the property: Located in the town I grew up, on a street within two minute walk
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