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  1. Hello, I started renting my first property back in January this year and basically need to do a self assessment for the rent I received from the property up to the end of the tax year 2018 - 2019 (approximately 3 or 4 months worth). I rent the property through a letting agent and so the rent is paid directly to them, the letting agent then deduct their fees and then pay me the remaining balance. The property rents out for £550 a month and after letting agent fees and rental cover insurance costs, the amount that comes to me is £460 a month. On the self assessment, do I put
  2. Hello people, Ive been to some of these training seminars, that at the end of the session have the big up sell. one thing I have noticed is that trying to get where to source the property from or what property portals to use is like trying to get blood out of a stone, especially these 25% discounted properties these training schemes go on about. so do any people on here know where to source property other than the usual estate agents, rightmove, zoopla, auctions, gum tree............especially for the Nottingham / derby area. any help would be great, thanks
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm Steve and I'm interested in starting out in the property investment world. I'm an electrician by trade and in the past have worked on new build and old homes, so when it comes to doing up a property I do have a little knowledge. At present I work mostly abroad and feel that because of this my investment options are little limited, especially for buying cheap, doing the property up/modernising and then renting/selling as I wont be available to over see the work. because of this I'm thinking of buying somewhere that's ready to go from the off, wh
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