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  1. So your brother in law is doing the sourcing and the refurbishment, so in theory he could argue that apart from putting up capital, he is doing all of the work. Perhaps offer him 40%?
  2. Hi guys, I understand why brokers would be reluctant to offer mortgages to "LTD" companies but surely private or partnerships where by companies take on full liability in the event of default should be viewed more favorable? Please advise. https://www.gov.uk/business-legal-structures/ordinary-business-partnership Thanks, Samuel
  3. Hi Guys, Had the pleasure of meeting fellow listeners last Saturday, which was great!!! I currently possess a BTL in Manchester and I am filtering with ideas of how to add a North East London zone 3 property to the portfolio. Looking to expand my knowledge on slightly more risky property investment opportunities such as refurbs/HMO. Passion for properties because I don't have a pension plan. Stay in touch!!!
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