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  1. I would like to invest in property and I have £250K to spend. Should I buy two properties or one? I thought two may be better to: * allow an income even if one isn't rented yet or there are problems. * less risk if the property was ruined by bad tenants. *If I buy in two areas I may smooth out any sharp rise or fall in the increase (or decrease) in value of properties in a certain area. I live abroad and will have the property/ies fully managed so I was thinking one property would be better: * to lessen start-up and paperwork fees - I assume they'd double as there's two flats. I intend to buy in Scotland. I'm not sure if there are tax implications with buying two properties instead of one? I have been in touch with a property management company but they were unable to advise me on this matter. Any insights very welcome! Thanks, Charlotte
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