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  1. Hi Charles, There are many variables, but I would say you are there or there abouts at the upper end of your budget. Obviously this could vary dependant on spec. You do not mention your plans for the property, is this a flip, straight BTL or do you hope to refinance and pull some cash back out ? Not sure if your budget includes a contingency but I would always make sure you have one built in. Lastly I have come across the following site recently and found it to be great https://www.priceyourjob.co.uk i hope this helps you out a little Sion
  2. Hi Jac, I have a couple of BTL’s both going well, I have also just managed my first refurb for someone else and currently in the process of becoming compliant to source deals , so all good really. what did you study in Llandrillo ? Let me know if you need any advice on anything, I will try my best to help or point you in the right direction, as will anyone on the forum also I’m sure. Sion
  3. Hey Jac, Welcome, where in north wales are you ? I am based in rhos on sea Sion
  4. Hi, Never refurbed in Manchester and obviously costs will vary slightly with region and spec but I came across this recently and found it very useful https://www.priceyourjob.co.uk I think once you have priced a few up you will get a pretty good feel for the costs involved. Good luck and I hope this helps you out a little Sion
  5. Hi There, I would agree with the above, Openrent has always been spot on for me. A variety of different services at a reasonable price.
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