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    Broad Joinery and building knowledge as I work in the construction industry.
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    I'm not looking for millions just a good amount of financial security, but if anyone knows the trick for millions, I'm listening!
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    Woodwork and motocross.
  1. Hi Has anyone out there tenant referenced a British citizen who currently lives abroad? I'm just wondering if it's still possible to use an ordinary reference service or if there are different routes to take? The possible tenant has lived in Tenerife for twenty years and is hoping to return soon and likes the look of my flat. Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Simon
  2. Hi Has anyone out there had and dealings with credit/reference checks for a Brit returning from abroad? Are there any or many difficulties acquiring satisfactory checks? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Simon
  3. Hi I was looking for other members in the North East Area

  4. Hello all I've been listening to the podcast for a couple of months now and it's been great in helping me find a direction. I've just sold my first house and was well on the way to buying another to live in, but after listening to almost all of the podcast back issues I'm much more interested in BTL and flipping. I've currently got a healthy deposit for a start but I have been struggling with mortgages as I'm no longer a homeowner and I'm not a particularly high earner. I spend my weekdays carrying out joinery and building and my weekends...are usually the same
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